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How to Find the Top Online Fortune Telling Website Online?

Unlike the normal psychic reading service, fortune-telling offers readings related to your future. This reading is quite specific as it predicts important events of your life and people you encounter on a day-to-day basis. But, readings will focus more on the general trends in life. Here is what you must know before you work with the fortune-teller.

Is online fortune telling better than offline reading?

To know about your future will be quite intimidating. Online reading lets you relax in your environment and this makes your reading less awkward. Check out the best fortune telling website out there which are featured on tampabay.com.

1. Mysticsense.com

If you need proper detail, MysticSense’s reading is for you. The best thing is you can select between the different kinds of readings, styles, specializations, tools, and much more. Finding the best psychics online that will resonate is simple on this website.

If tone really matters to you, then you can choose between direct, compassionate, thoughtful, wise, and expressive. Maybe you can find a psychic that is an ideal combination of tones for you. Besides their community makes it simple to ask any questions before you choose the right psychic. Then, you will get the first 5 minutes free!


  • A spiritual blog for more information
  • Select fortune tellers based on categories
  • Get free 5 minutes
  • Connect with the fortune tellers through chat, phone, and video


  • Mobile application not accessible
  1. Keen 

When you’re looking for an online fortune-teller who makes use of astrology, Keen is one amazing platform where you can find most of the experts with subspecialties. They have many readers who have specialization in Mayan, Chinese, and Vedic astrology, and many readers who will offer astrological readings.

Keen provides new customers 3 free minutes that is the common practice among the fortune-teller sites. After such minutes have passed out, you have to pay for a reading. Even though Keen’s initial costs are low, experienced and popular readers will expect to pay over $9.99/minute. Remember that free minutes are valid only for the first psychic that you consult.


  • You will different kinds of psychics, specializing in a different fields.
  • New visitors will get free $9.99 credits.
  • Get personal readings, it is the best choice.
  • A wealth of information is accessible.
  • Many languages & time zones.


  • Package rates are very high.
  • Web design is cluttered.
  1. AskNow

AskNow is one of the decent sites for anybody looking in the future. Finding the reader will be tough as the website has a small range of fortune tellers to select from and you will likely find the same people over there. AskNow’s dubious policies do not instill lots of confidence & it is quite common for the credit card info to get shared with third parties.


  • Get daily horoscopes, moon phases, and love scopes
  • Readings accessible via appointment
  • Detailed profiles & interviews of readers are available


  • Information will be shared with the third party
  • Less range of fortune tellers

Why Online Fortune Telling Is Better Than the Free Virtual Tools?

The free virtual readings offer limited resources. Quite often, free readings provide the taste or free sample deal. With most fortune tellers, you will get what you are paying for, and this is best to read reviews and research before you spend your hard-earned money. When you do your complete homework, get ready to pay for the quality. Everybody wants compensation for the services offered, especially when they invest education and time in becoming the best.

Final Words 

Knowing what you must look for or what to avoid will be the best way you can set yourself for success while looking for fortune tellers online. The best part is services that we have listed will look after the vetting process that allows you calmly peruse through the available psychics and connect with somebody you love.


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