How to Ensure Your Elderly Parent Doesn’t Feel Isolated or Lonely

Caring for your elderly parent is much more than just making sure their physical health is maintained. Yes,they must be in a safe environment for their physical health, get medical attention when needed, and follow any prescribed treatment plans,but what about their mental health? Loneliness and isolation are two things that seniors can often feel, especially if they have lost their partner and are now living solo.To ensure your elderly parent doesn’t feel trapped by isolation and loneliness, here are some steps that you can take.

Schedule Regular Visits – Make Them Feel Part of Your Life

The first tip is to make your elderly parent feel part of your life. Regular visits are a great way to do that, whether you have a weekly date or you can pop by more often. This will often be the day your parent looks forward to the most, so even if your schedule is busy, remember how much even a short visit means to them.If your parent is still mobile and likes getting out of the house, they should be encouraged to also visit you in your home. The change of environment can be wonderful for them.

Video Chats Can Help to Fill the Gap

Not everyone is fortunate enough to live nearby their parents; perhaps you moved away to a different town, state or even country. This is when you can rely on video chats to fill the gap. They are more personal than a phone call since you get to see each other and they are very convenient. For those with parents who aren’t exactly technically inclined, you may need to gift them with a tablet or even desktop computer that can be perfect for video chatting. Be prepared to walk them through the set-up process and help them get the hang of things.

Encourage Them to Join a Seniors Club

Many towns and cities have senior clubs and senior centers that give seniors a place to get together, take part in an activity together, and make friends. Encourage your parent to look into the local club and join and attend it regularly.

Consider an Independent Living Facility

You may also want to consider an independent living facility. This type of living arrangement is perfect for seniors who still have mobility, require little if any support services, still want private living space (their unit), and would like to be free of household chores and maintenance concerns. But where independent living facilities shine is in their social and recreational opportunities.

Independent living facilities just like Belmont Village do a great job at providing seniors with an instant community and network of friends. They will be surrounded by other seniors who they can socialize with, take classes, exercise with and engage in recreational activities together. There’s never a chance to feel lonely because there are always people around.

Fighting the feelings of isolation and loneliness in itself can feel lonely. With you by your parent’s side, helping to push them forward, it will be much easier for them to weather this storm and come through it positively.

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