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How to Choose a New TV

Ready to buy the flat-screen TV of your dreams?

Whether you’re a sports fan, a gamer or just love watching some TV at the end of a long day, shopping for a new TV should be fun… right? But it can get overwhelming and frustrating with all the different choices available out there. Not to mention all the confusing technical terms you need to get through like OLED and HDR!

We’ve created this mini guide to help you choose the right TV for you and your family. We’ll discuss everything from how to pick the correct size TV and whether or not you should bother with extended warranties.

So before you rush out and buy the first TV you see, check out these tips for how to make sure you’re getting the best TV for your needs.

  1. Choose the perfect screen size

Choosing the right size TV is not only about aesthetics, it can actually hurt your eyes to sit too far or to close from your TV screen. The general rule of thumb is that you should choose a TV that’s between 55 and 65 inches.

If you do go for a TV that’s a larger size, consider buying a product like Samsung’s Frame TV. When it’s turned off, it’s literally indistinguishable from a work of art! They also carry a wide selection of TVs in many different sizes, making it easy to find a TV that fits your space. By using this fantastic Samsung promo code, you can enjoy a big discount on your next TV purchase! 

  1. Pick your screen resolution

The resolution is how many pixels make up the picture or display of your TV. The more pixels, the clearer and sharper the image. For a long time the best TVs were full HD and they still are great. But now you can find TVs with even sharper imaging called Ultra HD or 4K. Some streaming services are now even offering specific content geared for 4K televisions. If you want the best image quality possible, splurge on a 4K TV!

  1. Choose LED or OLED

 While LED TVs are cheaper than OLED, it’s because they lack the same picture quality. Without getting into a technical discussion of what the differences are, it suffices to say that OLED TVs produce a clearer and sharper image through better contrast and brightness. All the clarity will cost you though! OLEDs are also significantly more costly than LED TVs.

  1. Get your must-have ports

 When buying a new TV, make sure it has all the ports you need! It’s become common for manufacturers to remove a few of the standard HDMI ports to save money and reduce costs. Make sure you think about all the devices you’re going to want to plug into your TV, like gaming consoles and soundbars, and then make sure your TV offers enough ports.

  1. SMART or not?

 This is a bit of a trick question since most TVs are sold as SMART TVs these days. The important consideration to make before buying is to double check that you can actually use the apps you want on your new TV. Many budget TVs claim to be fully SMART but then limit the apps you can actually use. 

  1. Avoid extended warranties

 You should usually avoid buying an extended warranty. Most major retailers will push for them quite heavily because they are such big money makers for them. Modern TVs are very resilient and rarely require any sort of repair…. as long as the TV doesn’t suffer from physical damage. So skip the warranty and put the money you save towards other features.

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