How to buy Instagram views? 5 Best sites (100% Legit & Instant)

Can someone really buy Instagram views?

If that’s a question on your mind, I’m happy to inform you that you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we’ll be discussing a couple of topics relating to the popular subject – buy Instagram views.

How can you buy Instagram views?

So, back to the question of whether it’s possible to buy Instagram views. Yes, it is absolutely possible to buy Instagram views. People do it. Just the same way people buy Instagram followers, it’s possible to buy views, too.

Instagram views are normally purchased from the same providers selling followers, likes, and all of those things. However, not all of these vendors can be trusted. The industry has expanded so much recently that there are now as many devious providers as good ones. This makes it difficult for someone looking to buy views to know where to look.

This post wants to show you the five best sites right now to buy Instagram views. There, you can get Instagram views instantly in a legit way.

Five Best Sites To Buy Instagram Views

Here is the list of sites which is approved by big authority sites like Madison, Stltoday, Buffalonews, Business review, Economic Times, Times of India, Zeenews, Zeebiz, and Abc15. Those sites conclude, #1 site is likes.io offer quality and best Instagram services.


Imagine that everyone who watches your Instagram videos takes the time to drop a like and leave a comment; how great would that be?

Don’t sit around wondering if that will ever happen; take action today.

One of the best actions you can take is to buy Instagram views from likes.io. Likes.io is a unique Instagram promo provider specializing in the sale of high-quality and premium Instagram views.

By high-quality, likes.io invites you to come and buy views from real accounts – accounts that are as active and genuine as your own account. And by premium views, Likes.io says you can buy premium views from top active accounts – people who comment, share, and like your posts after watching.

As you can see, there’s clearly so much to benefit your page here. Buy views from Likes.io today and watch your account soar.

FYI, Likes.io has a provision for you to buy Instagram likes, buy followers on Instagram, and auto likes, too.


Stormlikes.net says it will provide you with “a safe and organic way to grow your account.” Indeed, I can tell you they mean every word.

If you’re looking for a platform that prioritizes customers’ satisfaction above anything else, look no beyond likes.io.

With an advanced technology targeting approach, Stormlikes is able to bring viewers to your IG Stories, feed posts (pictures & videos), live videos, and IGTV Videos.

This is an interesting choice for people looking forInstagram views from specific audience groups. Here, you’ll find Instagram viewers from all spheres of life flocking into your page to watch your videos, leave meaningful comments, and generate impactful engagements.

Indeed, an investment in Stormlikes’ service is an investment for growth. Don’t wait till tomorrow; buy Instagram views on Stormlikes.net today.

FYI, Stormlikes.net has a provision for you to buy Instagram followers, likes, and auto likes, too.


It’s easier to spot an account that has bought views than one that buy Instagram followers. This is because people can see both the number of views and comments a post has on the post’s page.

Imagine someone comes in and sees that your video has 1k views and 0 comments; what do you think their reaction will be?

Clearly, they’ll know you’ve bought the views. That might ruin your integrity.

Followers.io wants to ensure this never happens. That’s why they offer ONLY ‘engaging views’ – views from viewers that interact. When you buy Instagram views from Followers.io, the viewers will like, comment, and share your post.

Not only does this bode well for your page’s integrity, but it also ensures that your view count is perceived in the right light by the IG algorithm.

Visit Followers.io today to buy Instagram views the right way.

FYI, Likes.io has a provision for you to buy Instagram likes, followers, and auto likes, too.


Social-Viral has promo packages for almost every social media channel under the sun. Talk about Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Twitter, and so on.

In spite of this diversity, the brand is still able to rake in a 4.8/5 star rating from 2k+ reviews.

What does this tell you? That Social-Viral.com is a credible place to buy views. Having been around for more than a decade, Social-Viral.com has managed to keep its customers satisfied with awesome services, pocket-friendly packages, and peerless customer support.

You won’t find many brands with the same reputation, longevity, and flexibility as Social-Viral. If safety, security, and authenticity are at the top of your mind when buying Instagram views, we recommend choosing Social-Viral.com.

Mind you; they too have provision for those who want to buy Instagram followers.


Buzzvoice is more or less a reflection of each of the providers we’ve discussed so far.

Like likes.io, they pride themselves on offering strictly authentic views.

Like Stormlikes.net, you can buy Instagram views and split them across multiple videos.

Like ollowers.io, you can buy views from interactive users here, too.

And finally, like Social-Viral, their reputation precedes them.

How to buy Instagram views

The process of buying Instagram views on each of the five platforms we’ve discussed so far is pretty similar.

  1. Pick a vendor

First of all, you need to choose a provider. This post discussed five Instagram views providers. You can choose from any of those. Don’t worry; they’re all credible.

  1. Visit the website of the views provider

To buy Instagram views, you must visit the website of the provider you’ve chosen. All the providers operate online, so that means you can only buy Instagram views online.

  1. Select a package that best interests you

As you can imagine, buying Instagram views is not a rigid process. You have the liberty to choose from an abundance of packages. 500 views? 1000 views? 5k views? It’s really up to you.

If you find the offers on a site not satisfactory enough, you can go to another site to buy your views.

  1. Provide custom details

Some vendors like likes.io may ask you to provide relevant demographic information when you buy Instagram views from them. This is to ensure you get Instagram views that match your account’s goals. Others may not ask you this, but you can trust that they have a unique way of serving you.

  1. Provide personal details

Never buy Instagram views from a provider that asks for your password or login information. At most, a provider shouldn’t request more than your email address and username. Which is not more than what a regular online retailer will ask you.

  1. Watch the magic happen

After the previous step, just sit, relax, and watch the vendor do its job. In most cases, the views should roll in instantly. But if not, you can expect them a few minutes later.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about buying Instagram views

  1. Should I buy Instagram views or grow my account organically?

Do both. Why choose between the two when you stand to gain more by implementing both?

Of course, growing your page organically is the best long-term strategy to generate an influx of traffic. However, when you buy Instagram views, you give your page the social proof and peer-vetting it needs to appeal to these incoming users.

  1. What is the recommended number of viewers to buy?

No fixed number. You can buy as many views as you like. Bear in mind, though, that you don’t want to buy so much in one go that people start to sense foul play.

  1. Will people know that I’ve bought followers?

No one will know. Unless you’ve bought your views from devious suppliers, no one will ever know.

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