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How Can an IPTV/OTT Platform Expand?

Creating an IPTV/OTT platform is not enough. You should think about enhancing it in the future. It is necessary for customer retention and attracting new users.

In this article, we will focus on the ways you can enhance your platform and increase user experience.

Monetization model

Think about switching to a new monetization model or adding one. If your platform is subscription-based, consider making some videos free of charge and inserting ads in them. You will generate revenue by allowing companies to use your service for advertising, and users will watch ads instead of paying for a video. You can learn what is OTT advertising in the blog article.

Also, the other popular monetization model is transaction-based. You can allow viewers to purchase a single video or a season.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Sometimes the answer to the question about expanding a streaming business is delivering content to new locations. Content Delivery Networks can help with that. A CDN is a network of servers spread out across the globe. That’s why it is a solution if you want to attract new audiences in other regions.

More people will be able to access your videos, and due to CDN, they will experience lower latencies and higher quality content. With CDNs, you enhance the user experience by increasing the speed of video content delivery.

The result of using CDN software is better performance of your platform and consumers from new locations.


Today, it is not enough to have a website for your business. It is not necessary to limit your streaming capabilities to only a computer. Consumers like the possibility of watching videos across multiple devices using OTT applications.

What is more, people do not have to invest in new devices to access your platform. If you offer an app for smartphones, tablets, or Smart TVs, you will let your users view video content on a device they have.

They will have more opportunities to access your platform. For example, if they have time to kill while in a cafe or bus. Or, if one of the family members takes a computer, the other person can use a tablet to continue watching videos. The customer retention rate will be higher.

Content optimization

Consider optimizing your content. Analyze it deeply: what videos do you post? What videos are popular among your target audience? What videos do they not watch? What about those videos does not appeal to them?

Think about broadening the range of your content topic or, vice versa, limiting videos to a niche. Niche content is on the rise among streaming platforms. Someone focuses on romance stories, and someone uploads only horror movies. Maybe, you also can specialize in a niche.

New features

Adding new features can help your platform grow and attract new audiences. Think about personalization features.

For example, recommendations based on users’ previously watched videos can enhance their experience. A categorization feature can make the navigation and video search more comfortable. Or even adding a TOP popular video section on a platform will make the user experience better.


Growing a business or attracting more customers is an issue that a business faces at some point. Some companies launch new businesses, and some enhance what they already have.

We collected ideas that can help when improving your video streaming platform. You can use several of them simultaneously to address the problem in different ways.


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