Get Ready for Super Bowl LVI: 100 Million to Watch Rams vs. Bengals Showdown

Illinois sports fans might not have any local interest in Super Bowl LVI, but NFL neighbors Cincinnati will be doing their best to upset the odds. As ever, there are predictions, forecasts, and betting tips galore ahead of the 2022 Super Bowl. The LA Rams are currently out in front as the odds-on favorites, but is that a fair assessment? Well, we can use the Chicago Bears as a measuring stick for how much weight these opinions currently hold.

The latest Super Bowl odds have the Rams at -179 (1.56). In contrast, exchange bettors are backing the Bengals at an average price of +182 (2.82). That’s a fairly significant margin for a one-game showdown, but all the omens suggest the odds align with reality. Indeed, if you’re an Illinois football fan, you’ll remember the Bears’ 20-17 win over the Bengals in September 2021. Although quarterback Joe Burrows was a constant threat, the Bears’ defensive line was solid throughout the game.

Stafford Could Earn the Rams Another Super Bowl Title

That wasn’t the case when LA’s finest rolled into town. Matthew Stafford was on fire that night in September and helped his team to a comfortable 14-34 win over the Bears. In fact, Stafford’s 321 yards and three touchdowns made it one of the most impressive debut performances by any quarterback in history. He’s since parlayed that performance into a strong run of results, which is why the latest Betfair NFL tips are focused on his role in 2022 Super Bowl.

There are clearly opinions on both sides. The form book suggests the Rams have it. The majority of sports bettors and analysts agree, but it’s not clear-cut. The Bengals have found some postseason form and players like Burrows could easily upset the odds. Whatever way you sway, Super Bowl 56 will be another significant event for the neutral. Indeed, while it would have been nice to see the Bears in this year’s final, watching as a casual fan will be just as exciting.

Super Bowl 2022 Date, Start Time, and Venue

The game kicks-off on February 13 at 3.30pm local time inside LA’s SoFi Stadium. As ever, the football won’t be the only thing worth watching. Five artists are scheduled for this year’s halftime show, and they are: Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Mary J. Blige and Kendrick Lamar. For those not in attendance, they will show live Super Bowl LVI on NBC and Peacock.

Approximately 100 million viewers are expected to watch the game on TV and online. Add to this millions of football fans from elsewhere in the world, and 2022 Super Bowl 2022 will be another impressive spectacle, even if the Bears aren’t involved. Is it smart to bet against the Rams? Probably not, but don’t be surprised if the Bengals put on a show and pull off a miracle to win their first Super Bowl title. Whatever the result, we’re in for another scintillating Super Bowl this year, so tune in and get ready for something special.

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