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Future Stars Of The NFL: Bryce Young


As a student of the University of Alabama and the quarterback for their Crimson Tide, Bryce Young is a shoo-in for the first pick at the draft when he’s eligible. As he enters his sophomore year, Young has already made his talent at the game undeniable by racking up more passing yards in one game than any other Alabama QB.

Predicting the next big thing can be difficult sometimes (which is what many websites such as カジノシークレット aim to do) but, when great collegiate players like Kyler Murray and Trevor Lawrence have surfaced in recent years, nobody was surprised when they’re picked first. With the way Young is going, he’s set to join the NFL as a promising quarterback.

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High School

Before we get into his collegiate performance and why he’s virtually guaranteed for NFL greatness, we need to start at Bryce’s high school. For the last two years of high school, Young transferred to Santa Ana’s Mater Dei High School.

There, he won the Los Angeles Times Player of the Year award and USA Today’s High School Offensive Player of the Year award. He won because he had thrown for 4,528 yards and tallied up 58 touchdowns. By the end of his high school career, he had 13,250 passing yards and 152 touchdowns to his name.

Freshman Year

During his 2020 season, Young was relegated to backing up Mac Jones, Alabama’s junior QB. Jones himself has now gone on to join the NFL as a QB for the New England Patriots. Young debuted on the 26th of September of 2020, against the Missouri Tigers football program. From there, he would appear in nine games in 2020 and finish the season with one touchdown and 156 passing yards.

Sophomore Year (So Far)

Having put in a year of decent performances, Young took to the field as the Crimson Tide’s starting QB on the 4th of September 2021. Passing 344 yards and scoring four touchdowns, Young helped the Tides beat the Miami Hurricanes at 44-13.

More recently, on the 20th of November, the Crimson Tide then went against the Arkansas Razorbacks. That’s where Bryce Young distinguished himself yet again by throwing for 559 yards, which is how he broke the record for the furthest single-game pass by an Alabama collegiate athlete. The record was held by Scott Hunter before, whose longest throw was 484 passing yards. Young didn’t just beat the record, he annihilated it by 75 yards.

Then, on December the 4th, Young made 421 passing yards and three touchdowns against the Georgia Bulldogs.

The Future

There’s still one game left in the current season, the Crimson Tide’s December 31st match-up against the Cincinnati Bearcats. To ring out the year, Young will no doubt put in a great performance and lead the Tide in passing yards.

From there, Young still needs to play two years for his junior and senior periods. This means he’ll become eligible for the 2023 draft, which is where we’re expecting him to be secured as one of the top picks. Commentators and NCAA football fans are already hyped for Young to be welcomed into the big leagues.

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