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Foods You Simply Must Try When You Go To Chicago

It is safe to say that Chicago is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. The people, the culture, and the architecture are simply breathtaking. One of the things that people don’t know is that Chicago has a wonderful food scene. It is one of the cities with the best World Foodie Cities Index and that is a pretty impressive achievement. That is why, if you are a foody who loves to travel, Chicago must be on your list. Today we are going to show you the most wonderful Chicago foods you must try when you go there.

Chicago-Style Hot Dog

When people discuss cities with great food, they usually think of those cities that have wonderful restaurants. Sure, the restaurant scene is rather important, but people underestimate the beauty of street food. Chicago is one of the cities with the best street food and you simply must experience it. There are a lot of beautiful things you can try there, but it is safe to say that the Chicago-Style hot dog is the best example of street food in this city. You may think that a hot dog is too simple of a dish to be special, but trust us, the one from Chicago is special. It is definitely worth your time and money.

Barbecue Ribs

It is safe to say that barbecue ribs from Chicago are the most beautiful ribs you will eat in your life. They were one of the favorite meals of Frank Sinatra. As you know, Frank had a distinguished taste. If he approved them, that means they are good. You can eat them at any restaurant you want. Every chef in Chicago knows how to make good barbecue ribs.

Italian Beef Sandwich

As we said, Chicago has wonderful street food. The Chicago-style hot dog may be the most famous example of street food there, but you must also try the Italian beef sandwich. Those sandwiches are delicious because they are made of broth-soaked shaved roast beef, gentle Italian bread, and sweet marinated peppers. If you love sandwiches and beef, that is definitely the best option for you.

Deep-Dish Pizza

A lot of people think that pizza can’t be special. Sure, it is a simple dish, but the talented chefs from Chicago do make the most delicious pizza you will try in your life. What makes it so good? The most important thing you need to know is that it is not as thin as the pizza you may find at your local restaurant. The deep-dish pizza from Chicago has tall walls made of delicious crust are home to gentle mozzarella cheese and wonderful tomato sauce. Every pizza lover must try this dish.

Corned Beef

What? Another sandwich on our list? Are their sandwiches really that good? Hell yeah! Corned beef is a sandwich that the poor Irish people ate back in the day. There isn’t much to it, but it is rather delicious. The beef is tender and it is usually between two beautiful slices of rye bread. It is safe to say that, if you love beef, you will have a wonderful time in Chicago.

The Final Word

The beautiful city of Chicago will bless you with delicious food. There are many wonderful restaurants there, but we must say that street food is one of the best things you can try there. The good news is that food is pretty cheap. Chicago is the perfect town for your stomach and your wallet.

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