Flat fee MLS companies in Illinois you should know about

As inventory in the Illinois housing market shrinks, Illinois homeowners have been inundated with offers, allowing them to sell at or above the asking price. But, part of selling your home for more means paying more in real estate agent commission, a commission you don’t need to pay given that for sale by owner websites now make it easier for you to sell your home with the assistance of an agent. Despite for sale by owner websites having simplified selling your home, if you want success selling quickly and at or above your asking price, you need to know the Flat Fee MLS Illinois homeowners swear by.

What You Need to Look for in For Sale By Owner Websites

For that reason, you should be concerned with how much value you’re getting from what you’re paying. If you use a seller’s agent, you’ll pay more than $7,000 to sell a $244,000 home. That means you’re paying your real estate agent four figures to list your home, get a real estate photographer to capture your home and help you navigate the process.

Of course, when you consider what a real estate agent does, the value diminishes substantially. 

Then, you have to closely examine your flat fee listing service. While one may be “cheap,” you could spend more time onboarding, navigating needlessly complex systems, and struggling to gain support from “support staff,” this can diminish their value.

Instead, when features and cost collide, you’ve discovered a for sale by owner websites to rival all for sale by owner websites.

That’s what we’ll be looking at in this post, the intersection between cost and features.


Houzeo has become the preferred option for sale by owner websites. Illinois homeowners, in particular, gain access to an affordable solution that makes listing simpler, better, and faster.

Cost: 299 to $499 

Best Features:

Sell Directly to Buyers

Houzeo has optimized its buyer-side website to make it as easy as possible for buyers to find, offer, and buy homes on its website. Why is that important? Well, when a buyer purchases directly from you, you save even more on real estate commission.

Choose Your Own Buyer Agent Commission

Houzeo puts control into your hands by allowing you to choose a buyer agent commission between 0.25 percent and 4 percent.

Negotiate and Accept Offers Online

The Houzeo website is one of the easiest to navigate but also comes chock full of features. The best is reviewing and comparing offers, requesting a final and best offer, and then accepting the offer online. This saves you the back-and-forth that even full-service real estate agents haven’t worked out yet, you can check out Houzeo reviews for the same. 

Flat Fee Group

Flat Fee Group has been in business for years, allowing them to establish what homeowners need for a fast sale. However, the caveat is that some of their features are outdated. Nevertheless, if you’re searching for an experience that doesn’t require you to be too hands-on, the investment can be worth it.

Cost: $295 to $795

Best Features: 

Professional Property Photographs

Flat Fee Group sends professional real estate photographers to your home to capture it, giving you the transaction a more “full-service” feel. However, here you’re more saving time than anything else, as real estate photographers typically charge $200 for 25 images. If you don’t have the time to find a good real estate photographer, this feature has exceptional value.

For Sale Sign

Some buyers still find homes through for sale signs, especially if they’re searching within the neighborhood.

But, these signs can help if other homes on the street are for sale and you’re hoping to get buyers to pop in to see your property after another open home. 

Prello Realty

Prello Realty offers full service and flat fee services exclusively to Illinois homeowners. This state-only service gives them a unique perspective on what works and what doesn’t.

Cost: $295 to $795

Best Features:

Showing Scheduling Service

Prello Realty has prioritized ease of use in its host of services. This is clearly on display in the scheduling service, which allows buyer agents to book a showing directly through the MLS. If a homeowner accepts the showing time, then the buyer agent receives an automated email communicating the instructions for the showing.


To make showing your home straightforward, Prello Realty also provides you with a digital lockbox. It’s not a substantial saving — as most lost boxes only cost $40 — but it does enhance the other services they offer.

When it comes to Flat Fee MLS Illinois homeowners can access, these three services have proven their worth and — most importantly — value. Yes, there is a clear front runner when it comes to for sale by owner websites in Illinois, but the other two flat fee listing services offer features that may be crucial for some sellers.


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