Finding the right 17 inch gaming laptop

Many people who enjoy playing computer and video games on their desktop, find that it is inconvenient, especially if they travel frequently. Hence they are interested in purchasing a laptop which they can easily carry with themselves, while traveling or outdoors. While there are a large number of laptops available, the quality of the laptop will vary, and some of them may be too slow for playing games properly. Hence they would like to find out how to select a good gaming laptop 17 inch . Some of the features of a quality gaming laptop which should be checked are discussed below.

CPU and Memory rating

The performance of the gaming laptop will depend to a large extent on the CPU and Memory. A fast CPU like the Intel core i7 is recommended since it has a high base speed of 2.3 Ghz which can be increased to 4.6 Ghz if required. The memory should use the latest DDR5 memory with speed of 4800 Mhz is recommended, so that the applications will load quickly and games will be faster. At higher speeds, more heat will also be generated, so it is important to have enough cooling, The laptop should have enough cooling fins and fans, so that the heat produced is transferred away quickly, and the laptop remains cool


The performance of the gamer, depends to some extent on the graphics card which is used. The Nvidia Geforce RTX 30 series graphics processor is widely considered to be one of the best graphics processors for gaming. The graphics use the latest ray tracing technology for creating visuals which are realistic, immersive while requiring less processing power. Nvidia DLSS uses Artificial intelligence (AI) for quickly generating high quality images while playing games and for other applications. Technology has been used to deliver better performance while keeping the laptop compact.

Connectivity and other features

Users have multiple options for data transfer and internet connectivity. The laptop has an inbuilt card reader, and there are two USB 3.2 ports for connecting pen drives or other gadgets. To keep the laptop secure and prevent unauthorized access a Kensington security lock is provided. The display can be connected to the HDMI port, and the Ethernet port allows the laptop to be easily connected to a LAN. Wifi can also be used to connect the computer to any network wirelessly. The FHD camera has a resolution of 1080 P. The laptop can be upgraded for better performance, by adding memory in the slots provided.. For greater strength, the laptop is milled from a single block of aluminum , using CNC milling for greater accuracy. The laptop has an anodized matte finish to reduce scratches.

Finding the right 17 inch gaming laptop


For immersive gaming, the audio system in the laptop should be of the best quality. The better laptops have an array of speakers, tweeters and subwoofers for realistic audio. The surround sound should ensure that the audio is realistic, even when headphones are used. Multiple microphones, typically four, will ensure that there is no distortion in the sound.


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