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Expanding ‘The Good Wife’ Universe: New Series ‘Elsbeth’ Featuring Carrie Preston Announced

Carrie Preston has finally landed her dream role, playing Elsbeth Tascioni, a quirky yet brilliant attorney, in the new CBS procedural “Elsbeth.” This character, known for her sharp intellect and joyful demeanor, made her debut in the first season of “The Good Wife,” where she quickly became a fan favorite.

Initially introduced as a guest character, Elsbeth’s popularity soared, leading to multiple appearances in both “The Good Wife” and its spin-off, “The Good Fight.” Preston’s portrayal earned her a guest actor Emmy Award in 2013, and she continued to impress audiences with her unique performance.

Now, after 14 years, Preston is thrilled to embody Elsbeth full-time in her own series. Created by Michelle and Robert King, the masterminds behind “The Good Wife” universe, “Elsbeth” explores the character’s adventures as she navigates the legal landscape of New York City.

Inspired by the iconic detective series “Columbo,” the Kings saw potential in Elsbeth’s underestimated yet brilliant persona, prompting them to develop a show specifically for Preston. Unlike “The Good Fight,” which delved into political storylines, “Elsbeth” takes a more procedural approach, catering to a broader audience.

Set in New York City, the series follows Elsbeth as she assists the NYPD with their investigations, showcasing her problem-solving skills outside the courtroom. Despite the change in scenery, Elsbeth’s charm and intelligence remain central to the show’s appeal.

One of the joys of “Elsbeth” lies in its recurring characters and guest stars, reminiscent of the rich ensemble cast of its predecessors. Viewers can expect familiar faces and exciting guest appearances, including Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Blair Underwood, and Keegan-Michael Key.

As Preston continues to bring Elsbeth to life, she relishes the opportunity to explore new dimensions of the character and entertain audiences with her wit and wisdom. With “Elsbeth,” Preston’s dream role has become a reality, promising an engaging and enjoyable addition to “The Good Wife” universe.

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