Everything you need to know to monetize your Twitch channel in 2022

One of the world’s most popular video streaming platforms, Twitch is where gamers and creators come to earn while following their passion. A place to broadcast yourself live, Twitch started as a simple live streaming website and has quickly grown into one of the internet’s most loved and watched spaces. Twitch has taken the live gaming and entertainment world by storm and has finally given gamers, streamers and creators the opportunity to monetize their passions and hobbies.

Launched in 2011, in just over a decade, has evolved itself from a livestream platform to an all-in-one interactive destination for content that spans across entertainment, sports, music and more. This literally has translated into millions of people tuning into livestreams on Twitch every single day, making it the go-to-platform for creators, fans and brands. It is estimated that Twitch attracts close to 2 million viewers daily, and thanks to the pandemic, this number has grown significantly.

Did you know that popular streamers on Twitch can earn as much as $100,000 dollars per month?

Everything you need to know to monetize your Twitch channel in 2022

So, what does this mean for the emerging creator and live streamer? With Twitch, it is now possible to turn your side-gig into a full-time opportunity to earn and grow. If you are a streamer or want to be one, there couldn’t be a better time than now to learn the ropes on how to use Twitch to earn money and make a living following your passion.

But before you get all too excited too quickly, take a moment to pause and learn how a Twitch streamer actually makes money. To start earning revenue via Twitch, a creator should either be a Twitch Affiliate or Twitch Partner. Both of these badges require a creator to reach a specific followers and views count to get verified.

  1. Ads: Twitch partners can include ads in their live streams, ad rates can vary as per the channel popularity, viewer count and twitch followers.
  2. Subscriptions: Creators can set up subscription amounts on monthly/annual basis and their followers can support them with this predetermined sum.
  3. Merchandise: By selling personalised merchandise like clothes, accessories and products to followers, creators can make extra money.

Here’s another important part – to monetize your Twitch channel, you need to start by becoming an affiliate. To do so, a creator must meet the following requirements –

  1. Clock at least 500 total minutes of broadcast in a month
  2. Hit at least 7 unique broadcasts in a month
  3. Reach at least 50 followers on their channel

Twitch affiliates get special features to grow and monetize their channel, such as – Twitch bits, game sales and subscriptions.

Next, to become a partner, here are the prerequisite conditions to be met –

  1. Clock at least 25 hours of broadcast in a month
  2. Hit at least 12 unique broadcasts in a month
  3. Reach concurrent viewership of at least 75 viewers in a month

Streaming content, playing games and interacting live with fans and followers – sounds like a dream come true? If yes, then it’s a sign of things to come! There’s no time now to join Twitch as a content creator and live streamer. While becoming an affiliate or partner on twitch isn’t too difficult, it sure does require patience and long-term consistency. The key is to engage and entertain on a regular basis, so your fans and followers base can grow consistently.

There are currently around 60,000 twitch partners, who enjoy a host of exclusive benefits and rewards features to grow their audience and earnings. Some of these include – custom emoticons, extended video-on demand, cheermates and special promotional activities.

But what if you cannot wait to reach the level of success which takes years and a lot of hard work? Competition is increasing everyday and standing out among millions of creators is no easy task…

If you are eager to monetize your Twitch journey from the start, you’re in for luck! Now you can easily skyrocket your growth to monetizing your twitch channel by buying twitch followers online.

You can simply opt for buying twitch followers and achieve the desired number of followers on your channel. It’s as easy and simple as shopping and paying for any other product or service online. If you want help in boosting your follower count on twitch, you can buy engagement in bulk and stand out on the platform easily.

Before you take out your credit card, make sure to validate the authenticity of the service provider. There are a lot of companies out there who promise followers but provide bots, which can hamper your progress and even violate Twitch’s platform policies, resulting in a temporary or permanent ban of your channel.

However, you can also find verified and authentic places for buying twitch followers online. One such name is – a one stop destination for growing your twitch channel and monetizing your creator journey.

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