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Elie Bleu is a French manufacturer of ashtrays, watches, jewelry, and other quality accessories. We design the cases that will add beauty to your most precious objects. Our Elie Bleu cabinetry workshops were established in 1976 in the heart of Paris’ Faubourg Saint-Antoine.

Thousands of customers visit our site daily to find the perfect accessories for cigars. Our notable models include Flor de Alba, Casa Cubana, and Medal collections, which are recognized worldwide for being beautifully crafted and stunning to look at. If you are searching for excellence, you will find Elie Bleu.

We offer everything from luxurious to traditional wooden ashtrays, cufflinks, and accessories. Traditional may include our “Flor de Alba,” a colorful decoration created in dyed Sycamore or natural wood with a capacity of 110 cigars.

We select the best possible woods from all over the globe, and they are brought back to France, where it is artfully shaped and refined to be placed on the humidors.

Elie Blue collaborates with many known cigars, champagne, jewelry, leather goods to create distinctive boxes for their outstanding products. Some of our unique products start from cooperation with artists or merely by an attraction for a concept.

Our Products:

 Our price ranges from 950,000 € to 46.000,00 €. Several humidors are available within this price range, depending on the ashtray’s characteristics and capacity.

1.     Fruit – Robusto – 25 Cigars

 Our product comes in various colors, mainly Blue, Black, White, and Natural matt. The wood comes from the sycamore tree, which is then dyed. It has a capacity of 25 cigars with one cool humidifier.

2.     Flor de Alba – 500 Cigars

 This humidifier is a tribute to the traditional Cuban cigar box. Comes in two

different colors, red and black. With a fairly large capacity of 500 Cigars, having two trays and three storage levels. Additionally, it has one hair hygrometer, which is intricately designed to ensure the utmost accuracy in humidity measurement.

3.     Héritage – Amethyst – Interchangeable

 Our cufflinks bars are made from semi-precious stones, which are interchangeable. Two Brass frames with gold for palladium finish. The cufflink comes in two different styles, Silver and Dorée, with a bar locking system.

It was just a brief overview of our products, and we got many other products like pen boxes and watch winders.

Using our Products

 The wood used in most of our products is a living material, so our precious woods need some strong attention. You should keep our product away from any heating source. Never use water inside the wooden box. Clean the shiny surface with a cloth soaked with diluted alcohol or a window cleaner. Keeping these Maintenance tips in mind, the luxurious quality of our product won’t ever get tempered.

Our Services:

 Our factory brings the best craftsmen and uses the noblest materials to manufacture quality products. We got a 30-day return policy, which means you have a period of 30 days after receiving your item to request the return. You can surely contact us at any time using our customer care, and we always appreciate every one of your reviews.

Our Payment Methods

 We work with payment gateway industry leaders like PayPal, providing 100 percent secured payments. Payment can be made by bank check (France only), PayPlug payment, MasterCard, PAYPAL, or VISA.

Countries We Are Available:

 We are present in the USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Oceania, Latin America & Caribbean, and our distributors can be found there. Additionally, we do not charge any delivery fee.

Our Initiatives

 Moreover, Since 2019 we have committed to act and fight against global warming, and for that reason, we plant a tree for every single of our products sold.



So, until now, we came up with the idea that elie bleu is one of the most renowned ashtray brands with an array of outstanding products and services. Thus, if you are also looking for a classical heritage ashtray for your smoking, look no further than elie bleu.

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