Delve deep into different types of bail bonds for a better understanding 

When talking about bail, remember every bond is not identical. There are several types of bail bonds you will encounter in the judicial procedure. The seven most typical bail bonds include the following:

  • Surety bonds
  • Cash bail
  • Citation release
  • Property bonds
  • Federal bail bond
  • Immigration bail bond
  • Recognitions release

Each category is different and has a distinct requirement that the defendant must meet. Hence, it’s significant to break into these to understand more about these bail bonds.

Surety bonds

Surety bonds are standard bail bonds you will encounter in the judicial procedure. It comes through bail bond companies, and the cost is somewhere between 10% of the total bail amount. Although it changes from one agency to the other, the standard one is 10%. Most defendants go for surety bonds because they can engage with bail bonds agencies and companies to help them with the bail amount. The process of getting a surety bond is simple and hassle-free.

Property bonds

Another popular bail bond category known to people is property bond. The bond where the property is collateral is known as a property bond. In these bonds, full rights over the property get utilized. Real estate properties can become collateral in these types of bonds.

Citation release

The citation release is for individuals who are usually engaged in traffic offenses and do not go into custody. Discharge in these cases is dependent on the discretion of the officer.

Recognizance release

Another agreeable category of bail bond is Recognizance release. Here, the defendant is not required to pay the upfront cost for the release. Similar to citation release, the release in these cases is dependent on the officer’s discretion.

Cash bail

Another accessible bail bond category is cash bail. Just as the name suggests, people pay these bail bonds in cash. Remember that the advantage of this bail is that once you appear as per the court date and the trial is over, the court will return the bail amount.

Federal bail bond

It is a self-explanatory bond category. These are bail bonds related to federal offenses. However, these are not easy to obtain and expensive.

Immigration bail bond

Another viable kind of bail bond is the immigration bail bond. These exist for offenses by individuals who are immigrants into one other country. These have strict requirements.

Now that you know the several categories of bail bonds, the next time you require these judicial provisions, you can contact a reputed bail bond agency like Connecticut Bail Bonds Group of Connecticut and grab quick help. Remember that there are various bail bond agencies operating online and offline. It is easier to connect with them because they work 24/7.

However, getting in touch with a reputable agency known for its professionalism and efficiency is required. You must get information about the circumstances under which you are arrested and communicate it to your bail bonds agent. The more transparent you will be with your case, the better will be your results.

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