Cleaning an apartment after a fire

The risk of fires, unfortunately, remains high. Moreover, there is an upward trend due to the large number of household appliances, electrical appliances and computers. But electrical wiring, systems of various extension cords and adapters for sockets do not always meet the standards. Often they melt, ignite, which leads to fires in apartments, houses and offices. Therefore, cleaning the apartment  after a fire remains an urgent service.

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Cleaning an apartment after a fire

Features of cleaning the apartment after a fire

Of course, the usual cleaning of the apartment is not just different from cleaning the apartment after the consequences of a fire. If it is possible for the residents themselves to clean up the house, then we, as professionals, strongly do not recommend you to carry out independent cleaning after a fire. First of all, it is unsafe for health. Therefore, work must be carried out in respirators – without them it is dangerous to be in such a room. Secondly, such work is difficult even for cleaning specialists. This type of cleaning is carried out using high-pressure apparatuses, special detergents and cleaning equipment.

Live Clean Today’s cleaners use the latest technologies and highly effective professional chemicals from the world’s leading manufacturers in their work to eliminate the consequences of a fire. All used means are certified.

It is also necessary to take into account the fact that over time, combustion products are absorbed into surfaces and fixed literally everywhere – on parquet, laminate, plastic, fabrics, leather and other coatings. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the apartment after a fire as soon as possible. If at the same time  dry cleaning of carpets is necessary , Live Clean Today specialists will perform it efficiently and professionally.

In the process of cleaning an apartment after a fire, our experienced employees free it from burnt interior items. The main task of the cleaners is to prepare the walls, floor and ceiling for the upcoming repair. Sometimes you need to restore some interior items. If possible, they are treated with special solutions and washed out. Thus, they are prepared for the subsequent restoration.

How do our experts clean the apartment after a fire:

During the cleaning process, the Live Clean Today cleaners perform the following activities:

  1. take out the garbage, the remnants of furniture and other affected items;
  2. prepare the room for repair – wash the floor, walls, ceilings from burning;
  3. carry out dry cleaning of furniture, carpets;
  4. clean curtains, tulle, blinds and, if the condition of the room allows, install them.

Many years of experience in cleaning apartments after a fire allows us to solve all problems efficiently. Our cleaning methods are absolutely harmless to others. Special chemicals do not have a destructive effect on walls and furniture. In addition, we install a special apparatus that quickly and effectively absorbs the unpleasant smell of burning.


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