Chinese Mail Order Wife: Meet Chinese Brides Easily In 2022

Chinese brides online are gaining increased popularity at the speed of light. It seems that if you linger a little longer—all the best parties will be taken. However, many men, who are poorly familiar with Asian culture, may not realize all the hidden benefits of Asian online dating. When you meet Chinese girls for marriage, you’ll be instantly taken aback by their exotic beauty, shiny black hair, petite figures, and youthful glow. The rumors have it that these women are incredibly devoted, loving, reserved and excellent wives. Yet, the boiling fountains of passion have a lot of room dedicated inside these beautiful creatures.

Should you be willing to meet Chinese brides as soon as possible, you need to know where to start and win the heart and undivided attention. Find out the best sites and dating services to meet perfect Chinese single women with ease. A practical guide will point you in the right direction!

Best international dating sites to find Chinese girls?

Countless beautiful Chinese singles choose online dating services above all these days. So, you need a list of reliable online dating platforms to meet Chinese girls. The best dating sites are the following:

  • EasternHoneys — leading international dating service with an incline to Asian culture.
  • JollyRomance — dating website with the most affordable price policy in the field.
  • AsianMelodies — the best-modernized platform for communication without boundaries.
  • Cute Asian Women — the best dating website for those with defined intentions.
  • Date Nice Asian —t op international site with young Asians looking for Western men.

What are China mail order brides like?

Now, when you know where to mail order a Chinese bride of your dreams, you need to realize if the personal traits that the hot Asian brides feature will suit your preferences.

Exotic looks

Surely, you can tell a sassy Chinese mail order wife from the rest of the world’s population, so peculiar and unique they are. The delicate and elegant images of those petite beauties that we call Chinese mail order brides, can drive any man crazy with affection and desire. Although most Chinese girls are not exactly skinny and not utterly curvaceous, their body structure lies in between, and that makes them so wanted. Throw porcelain-white skin, drowning brown eyes, and long hair into the mix, and you have a picture of a love goddess ready.

Sparkling intelligence

The notion of education is of high priority in China. Not only are Chinese women willing to study and learn new things, but the innate wisdom of Chinese wives that comes together with the culture and upbringing also entitles them with insight that many would envy. So, not only are Chinese mail order wives highly educated, but also most Chinese ladies are well-read and respectful in all regards.

Unending resourcefulness

If you decide to find a bride in China, you should realize that Chinese women know how to make it out of any difficult situation. Single Chinese ladies put their wits and skills to act and come up with the least mundane yet practical solutions, no matter the issue. With a partner like that at your side, you will stroll through life with as few problems as you can imagine.

How good are Chinese girls for marriage?

It shouldn’t hit you as a surprise that every woman changes a little after the marriage, be it a Japanese mail order bride or Chinese bride. However, some Asian women take it down the scale, while others continue to make it up. Chinese women belong to the latter category, and here’s why:

They’re committed

A Chinese single woman when compared to a Thai bride primarily cares for her own well-being, and there’s nothing extraordinary about it. However, once single Chinese women become wives, their attention is entirely shifted to future family. Usually, a lady like that shuts down her own self-centered desires and does everything in the name of her family and happy relationship.

They’re practical

Chinese women are taught how to do the chores and run the household from a very young age. So, the chances that you’ll need to hire a housekeeper are slim. Even if a Chinese lady has a career to think about, she’ll run the house as well as if it were her full-time responsibility. No complaints will come from your Chinese wife, since she’s learned to love what she does.

They’re caring

Once Chinese women become mothers, they shift all the love, care, and attention to the newborn. That’s not the case with Chinese wives, since they’ll pay as much attention to their husbands and expect the same in return. Such an approach is one of the strongest pillars of a healthy and serious relationships.

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Why do Chinese mail order brides prefer foreign men?

China is a huge country, and Chinese women shouldn’t lack attention from the local men. Or, so it seems. However, beautiful Chinese women prefer Western guys for a few reasons. The first has a lot to do with the political situation in the home country. Chinese society is utterly dependent on their government. When compared to other Asian countries to find wife, in China, women have to obey all the rules that the government dictates. Once they leave the country, the ridiculous and, at times, inhumane laws won’t have any effect on Chinese women.

Another reason why Asian brides seek happiness in different countries with foreign men is the fact that they adore the flair of Western countries. Western people seem to have a different view on everything, and that is the thrill that these women look for.

How to tell if a Chinese mail order bride is interested in you?

There are some common signs to pay attention to if you want to be sure that a Chinese bride is interested in you.

  • Chinese brides online have some more freedom and courage than they would offline. Thus, if a Chinese girl reaches out to you first, this is the first sign that she likes you.
  • Chinese culture is peculiar and exciting, but not all Chinese people are willing to spill their traditions in front of foreigners. So, when a Chinese mail order bride tries to teach you more about the country and its customs, you can rejoice. The woman is a family oriented, as you are!
  • If you are invited to meet the bride’s family, this is an as serious relationship as you can count on.

How to impress mail order bride from China?</h2>

Surely, the mentioned traits make you want to crave a Chinese bride like that even more. However, you shouldn’t expect a Chinese girl to fall into your arms because you want it hard enough. You need to take time and effort to impress a Chinese lady, too.

Keep away from noting that her looks attract you the most. You may compliment her Asian beauty, but occasionally and when it’s appropriate.

Show your seriousness. Discuss your vision for the future, make mutual plans, talk about some personal views and opinions.

Express your curiosity about the culture only if you’re genuine about it. Don’t ask related questions as a stereotype.

Pay attention to her stories. When she tells you something, make some effort to memorize it to project your serious intentions.

Indicate her importance in your life. Introduce her to your friends and family to show that you’re not ashamed or uncomfortable about your choice of partner.

Chinese Mail Order Wife: Meet Chinese Brides Easily In 2022

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How successful are marital unions with Chinese mail order brides?

According to recent studies, around 80% of mail order relationships lead to successful marriage online. Yet, the research has shown that the divorce rate is around 30–40%, which may seem like unfavorable odds until you learn that the current divorce rate between American couples is around 48%.

When you decide to marry a Chinese girl, you must remember that they’re brought up in a patriarchal family. Meaning that they’re taught to value and cherish their marriage and partners. This leads to the assumption that the American-Asian divorce rates are lower than average. As many as 18% of Asian spouses file for divorce.

Is it legal to mail order Chinese women for marriage?

There’s a lot of debate going on about the legal terms of a mail order bride relationship. So if you’re worried that dating a lady from China may get you in trouble, you should better dive into the legal aspects of mail order dating.


As a law-abiding citizen of the United States of America, you have nothing to worry about. International marriages are on the spike of their popularity, and the government has nothing against it. You can get married in the US or in China, depending on your needs and preferences, and your union will be deemed absolutely legal within the country.


The country and its laws have nothing against international unions. Once you meet a Chinese woman you’re willing to tie the knot with, all you need to do is to provide the documents that she’s not already married. After that, you apply for sponsorship and bring the Chinese girl to the country, where you can get married.


The Australian laws demand a woman to apply for a partner visa before you get married. Other than that, there are no legal obstructions to deal with when you decide to marry a Chinese mail order bride.

How much does mail order bride of Chinese origin cost?

With all the perks and benefits of international dating, you’re surely trying to figure out how much it may cost you. First things first—relationships are rarely cheap. You should get comfy with the assumption and get ready to invest money in a new relationship. However, when it comes to interracial and international unions, there are additional expenses to count on mail order bride price.

Online dating

The chances are that you’ll start your journey with a Chinese mail order wife online. Countless services offer an opportunity to unite two lonely hearts, and they ask for a small payment for the provided service. You can come across free platforms, but they’re rarely reliable and secure. Since the price policy of every service is different, along with the communication means that they present, you can expect to spend around $50–300 a month. There’s no pre-set wage. You’re the one who’s responsible for the amount you’re willing to spend on your relationship.


Since you can’t take your Chinese wife out due to the location differences, it doesn’t mean that you can’t show your affection through pleasant gifts. Most dating platforms allow it to send various presents, including flowers, chocolates, jewelry, teddy bears, and whatnot. Of course, there’s a delivery fee added to the cost of the present, but a $150 gift every fortnight is a desired amount to spend on the growing relationship.


There comes the time when you decide to meet in person. Depending upon who’s going to visit whom, and the number of how many trips you plan, the Chinese bride price will alter. For instance, a New-York-Beijing flight costs around $800–900 for a roundtrip if bought in advance, nonetheless, the price may go up to a couple of thousand dollars. A hotel room in Beijing will cost you $200–300 a week. Eating out, including fancy dinners for two, won’t cost you more than $500 for the whole staying. You may throw in an additional hundred or two for the transportation, and expect to spend at least $300 for two on a week-time’s worth of entertainment.

To sum all up, if you date your lady for half a year and then decide to visit her, you should expect the average Chinese mail order bride price to reach the $7K–10K point, with flight tickets being the most expensive part.

Chinese Mail Order Wife: Meet Chinese Brides Easily In 2022

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What type of men do Chinese ladies for marriage prefer?

Once you meet in person, you may be willing to provide as good an impression as you can. However, there are a few tips that will help you succeed with the task ideally:

  • Show your inner gentleman around your woman, don’t be afraid to treat her like an expensive China doll she is.
  • Don’t be pushy when it comes to intimate moments.
  • Show your respect toward the culture and to women in general.
  • Be confident and calm around her.
  • Don’t repress your humorous side.

How to find a Chinese wife?

Since you may be located thousands of miles from Asia, it seems quite unreal to meet a Chinese bride. However, there are 2 main ways of coming across the love of your dreams from China:

  • Online
  • Offline

Find Chinese brides for marriage offline</h3>

You can take an old-fashioned approach and stroll through the streets of the city, to meet Chinese ladies. The nightlife of China is quite bright and colorful, so many men try their luck this way. However, there are also bridal tours, where a few men from the Western world meet single Chinese brides and spend some quality time together. While the approach is pretty convenient, there are numerous drawbacks.

Find Chinese wives online

All the disadvantages of offline dating can be easily solved with a modernized approach to the matter. The fact is that while registering with a trusted platform, you can be 100% sure that the beautiful Chinese women for marriage you interact with are real and seeking the same type of relationship that you’re interested in.

Aside from that, you can find a bride according to your taste and preferences instead of relying on a third party’s help. Most dating sites offer advanced search options that allow it to come across a woman of your dreams.

You can communicate with a few Chinese girls at the same time, without committing to each, since your interaction doesn’t get utterly personalized until you decide to turn this way. One major factor to keep in mind would be to indicate that almost every Chinese mail order bride is quite shy, and online communication is one of the easiest ways for them to overcome that.


Does an average Chinese mail order wife know English?

English is one of the leading foreign languages that’s taught in Chinese educational institutions. That’s why most Chinese people in the country understand it well, but face difficulties with fluent communication. Yet, there’s nothing a quality express-English course wouldn’t solve.

Are Chinese brides simply desperate to move abroad?

Women from China are curious enough to be willing to leave the Motherland. Yet, it takes a loving and caring husband at their side for them to finalize their decision to move abroad.

Do Chinese brides date a lot before settling down?

Chinese culture is traditional, and it’s frowned upon pre-marital cohabitation. At the same time, it takes time for Chinese women to get used to their partners and build trusting relationships. The statistics show that it takes 6–12 months for Chinese girls to be ready to settle down. Yet, there are always exceptions to the rule.

Are Chinese brides only interested in my money and citizenship?

Chinese mail order brides are indeed practical in many ways, but they’re not known to be involved in a relationship with purely material interest as a priority.

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