CBD products’ benefits: CBD oil in sports

CBD products are a source of many opportunities for training, muscle building, and performance improvement?

Hardly any active ingredient has attracted as much attention in recent years as CBD. As a result, the sales figures for CBD products such as CBD oil, CBD tea, and CBD liquid are increasing rapidly, and the industry is booming. And rightly so, we think!

You should know that the World Health Organization recognized the many benefits of cannabidiol products and that CDB is now legal in the US.

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CBD benefits and uses

The plant substance from the hemp plant is now officially used to treat various diseases. Recent studies show that CBD can also improve athletic performance. We’ll tell you how this works here.

Marijuana, THC, and CBD The hemp plant has an incredible history in ancient China. Initially, people made ropes and fabrics from the robust fibers until the Chinese became aware of the health effects 5,000 years ago. Then, from Asia, the hemp plant conquered the whole world.

We now know more about hemp than our ancestors did. While today, except for a few Americans on Halloween, nobody would think of giving children hashish candy, it was an intoxicating phenomenon in the 19th century. Meanwhile, it was also discovered why the kids were acting weird after eating some hash candy: THC.

THC is the most well-known cannabinoid found in the hemp plant, producing 115 unique cannabinoids. The cannabinoid is responsible for the intoxicating effects of marijuana and hashish. Another cannabinoid that has only been intensively researched for about 20 years is CBD. THC and CBD are both formed by the hemp plant but have different effects. While THC has a psychedelic effect, CBD has no comparable effect.

As a result, CBD products are legal in the US as long as they do not exceed a defined THC content.

Howdoes CBD work?

Cannabinoids work through the endocannabinoid system, which was discovered in the 1990s. This system consists of CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are primarily found in the central nervous system, while CB2 receptors are primarily found in the immune system. In addition, the receptors can be located in the cell wall or on individual cell organelles such as mitochondria.

Since the effects of cannabinoids occur at different levels throughout the body, it is difficult for scientists to understand the mechanisms of action. In addition, CBD does not behave like other cannabinoids such as THC or anandamide: CBD does not activate the receptors but acts like a wrong key in a lock. It docks onto the cannabinoid receptors, preventing other substances from activating the receptors. The inhibitory effect, in turn, causes the body to produce more endogenous cannabinoids.

Since the metabolic processes are complex, they can only serve as a guide for researchers. The assumptions can be confirmed in clinical studies. Interesting insights have already been gained, especially concerning the sport.

CBD in sport and tofightinflammation

Everyone has experienced inflammation at some point: A cold is always associated with inflammatory processes. Yet, we don’t even notice most inflammatory processes.

We see other inflammations, such as mucosal inflammation, and other inflammations, such as meningitis, can even be fatal.

In the case of inflammation, signal substances indicate a foreign body, a poison, or a pathogen. As a result, this area is supplied with more blood so that more defenses can get there. Inflammation is, therefore, a natural part of the immune response.

In addition, inflammatory processes are part of the sport. Physical stress causes micro-ruptures that are repaired by the body. The repair makes the muscle more substantial and more significant.

For the repair work on your muscles to begin, signaling substances must be released. They show the body where the need for nutrients is exceptionally high.

However, sometimes it happens that inflammatory processes do not subside on their own after the cracks are repaired. Then the inflammation persists, becomes chronic, and deprives your body of essential reserves. In this case, CBD oil will help. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and can relieve overworked muscles from chronic inflammation. You benefit particularly from this effect if you train frequently and intensively.

It is unclear through which metabolic processes CBD develops its anti-inflammatory effect. One possible explanation is that CBD inhibits the release of the signaling substance TNF-α TNF-α is the first signaling substance in the macrophage signaling cascade, which initiates the release of further antibodies.

CBD, sports injuries, and chronicpain

Some NFL, NBA, and NHL players are campaigning to legalize CBD because they have had good experiences with CBD.

One of the most well-known advocates is former NFL star Robert James Gronkowski, who has been a strong advocate for CBD for pain relief for years. The effect of CBD is particularly proven for chronic pain, which plagues a large number of athletes. Usually, chronic pain is treated with painkillers or opioids, which have a high potential for addiction and strong side effects.

Golf and tennis associations have since removed CBD from the banned substances list. In 2018, the International Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from the Prohibited List. The athletes at the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo will benefit from the decision.

In the US, CBD is legal. Most sports organizations follow WADA’s decision. If competitions are contested, CBD is therefore unproblematic. However, CBD oil should not contain THC, as THC is on the banned list.

Conclusionon CBD oil in sports

CBD oil is particularly worthwhile for athletes who want to improve their regeneration. It helps the body deal with inflammation more effectively, alters the stress response, and can optimize sleep.

We recommend trying CBD oil if you do very long or intense workouts. Since CBD has no known side effects, it should be easy to take, and CBD oil and exercise should form a harmonious whole.


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