Best ways to pimp your audio system

You can make your theater room like a real one by installing a good sound system. The ability to watch movies and listen to music on a dedicated system can make your life much more enjoyable. These tips will help you transform your listening experience at home. Find out what you can do to upgrade your audio system.

Invest In A New Set Of Speakers

The first step is obvious. There is no comparison between the quality of factory-installed speakers and third-party speakers. Simply swapping your car speakers for a better set will increase volume and clarity. Especially if you use a dedicated subwoofer to make your bass pound. You can also use primo subs to build more quality.

Upgrade to a better receiver

Having good speakers in your car isn’t enough. You need to improve the signal they receive. The factory-installed receiver of your car will also cut corners when it comes to audio output. 

One of the problems will be that it will not have enough power to make the most of your speakers. Additionally, it must have a high-quality digital to analog converter (DAC). Those are the components that convert the data on your CD or device into sound. An improved DAC will allow you to hear more details.

Play better quality music files

If you’re playing low-quality digital files, a good DAC cannot do so much. You’ll transmit a high-fidelity signal to your speakers if you’re playing an actual CD (these still exist, right?). Using compressed MP3 files, or worse yet, streaming audio, you are recapturing the wrong details in the digital signal you begin with. 

This will result in poorer sound quality in your car. To improve sound quality, Spotify fans will need to switch to lossless audio! More albums fit in your pocket with higher compression, meaning smaller files.

Ensure the strength of your network

It is important that your home network can handle the larger files sizes without buffering or lagging if you’re streaming them online. Using such a service requires you to subscribe to HD or better, otherwise, you’ll start with a reduced quality.

Put an end to bad vibrations

Vibrations are an extremely common problem that introduces unwanted noise to a system. Rumbles and hums transmitted from and to your furniture can affect the equipment sitting on it. Consider floor discs and carpet spikes for tower speakers & the right-sized speakers for the small shelves. 

You can also use isolation platforms to set up these speakers. Reverberation can also be deadened with a range of acoustic treatments.

Draw The Curtains.

Throughout a space, sound waves absorb some materials and bounce or splash off of others. This latter issue can be more problematic than the former, especially when audio interacts with glass. 

If you pull the curtains back or reconsider that glass-top coffee table you’ve been eyeing, you can minimize or eliminate any unwanted reflections. In true hi-fi purists, fabric has been hung on walls or audio traps have been set up around listening spaces. You’re not the weirdo!


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