Best Online Platform with Minimum Deposit for Traders

It’s very common for brokers to find new platforms that would allow them to enjoy trading by the opening of an account with the minimum, low or no deposit. But what if there’s a platform that offers such services with the low deposit as well is certified as well. Therefore for such traders, new platforms are coming up with new agendas such as the offering of trading account with no deposit to low deposit investment in the beginning, and one such platform that is allowing its traders to open a trading account with a minimum deposit and there those traders could do their work on an online platform as well.

Whose offering the one offering with a low minimum deposit?

Exness is the one platform that is available online and has been there since 2008 and allows the traders to trade online only. Currently, they have a clientele of more than 60,000 in number and have significantly increased their reach in the last few years due to their dedicated services. Now they have clients from all over the world. And this has been possible only because of its continuous oversight and because of the exness minimum deposit.

Minimum deposit requirements-

  • Its standard account requires very low investment as a deposit and, that’s only $10 while the Vietnamese traders always have to pay $15. But the non-Vietnamese traders can only pay $10.
  • This minimum deposit scheme is also required to be followed if someone wants to open any PRO account as the pro account strategies require a minimum deposit of $200.
  • Through this pro account strategy, the minimum deposit is still the lowest when compared to other brokers who are offering much higher deposit rates for the opening of the pro account.

More info on minimum deposit-

  1. Anytime or any kind of account, if you ever open then you always have to pay at least a minimum of $10 as a deposit.
  2. The minimum deposit varies for different kinds of accounts types.
  3. This is one of the most trusted as well as reliable trading platforms and has been consistent about its trader’s security.
  4. The important thing to notice is that one can avail of various deposit methods at their convenience.

Available different Methods-

Currently, the platform has to offer a variety of deposit options for their traders to choose from and that includes,

  1. Tether
  2. Internet Banking
  3. Perfect Money
  4. Skrill
  5. Web money
  6. Internal Transfer
  7. Neteller
  8. Bank Card
  9. And Bitcoin as well

Rating of Exness-

Currently, Exness has got a total of 301 ratings and out of which people have rated it to 4.6 stars so that’s a great achievement. Moreover, it’s also broker verified so that’s another plus point.

Fees Charges-

  • Personally, exness never charges anything not even a small fee for any kind of service, be it be while depositing or while withdrawing.
  • Though the bank servers could charge you a small fee of $10 as and when you would any transaction from your bank or by credit card system in the form of transaction fees.
  • No broker could or has any control over the commission or fee.
  • Also to mention, Exness never expects any sort of money through direct payments or even through third parties.

Guide for depositing the money-

First, you need to register yourself as a trader on their online platform and then login into the account to the personal area in it and then follow the steps mentioned below-

  1. Before starting, make sure that it has been verified by exness after that, you might need your identity and residence proof for getting the final verification done.
  2. Once these verifications are confirmed, then the trader could log in into the personal area for further depositing of the exness minimum deposit.
  3. After this, you will be redirected to another web page, and step by step as per the guides mentioned on the website you will proceed and make the final payment.
  4. Now the minimum deposit has been transferred to your trading account and now you can also apply for a bonus.

Five different kinds of account types are available currently so choose as per your requirement, follow these steps mentioned above and enjoy trading with full security.


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