Best Ecommerce Website Platforms For Business Growth

The global e-commerce business is booming and still has a lot of potential, which implies that e-commerce companies have a chance. Moreover, E-commerce has unquestionably emerged as a viable business model for entrepreneurs. This is large because of the dramatic rise in global Internet transaction volume.

The advantages of the e-commerce market will be discussed. You might seek assistance from an eCommerce development company to help you succeed in the industry. There are no graphic constraints. When it comes to working in the e-commerce sector, there are no geographical restrictions. They can sell in whichever market they want without having to worry about other countries’ ties. They only need to give a user-friendly interface so that buyers can find and order all of the products. They must also supply customers with shipping services. Also, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a term that refers to the process to rank their products higher; e-commerce platforms must utilize a current SEO strategy. Increased search engine prominence may aid these platforms in increasing product sales.

Another good thing about e-commerce website platforms is that the prices are less expensive. The prices of products purchased through e-commerce website platforms are often lower than those found in physical stores; this is due to increased competition in the e-commerce sector.  According to many researches among the goods and services that are most sold online, clothing is in first place, with 19.43%, followed by a not very distant difference to clothing accessories, and very close to cosmetics. And lastly, in lesser magnitude but not so far away from footwear, the rest of the items are at less than 5%, with the exception of the backup service, which is at 6.5%.

Customers can take advantage of deals and other discounts on these sites on a regular basis. Customers benefit from e-commerce platforms since they can find all of their products from the comfort of their own homes. All they have to do now is make sure that quality images of all of the products are available on the internet so that customers can quickly find what they’re looking for. Customers do not have to worry about travel costs because they can simply order the product and have it delivered to their house.

Putting together an online store takes time and effort. You’ll be responsible for processing payments, dealing with customers, and maintaining inventory. However, the first step is to select the most appropriate online retail platform for your company. Then, a solid marketing strategy will assist you in creating a fantastic website design, which will enhance your customers’ shopping experience and make inventory management and order processing much more manageable.

Choosing the finest eCommerce platform for your needs is the first step in creating a successful online business. Here are the top three eCommerce platforms available today.


Wix is a widely popular drag-and-drop web platform and eCommerce website platform that has more than 110 million users worldwide. Wix has a lot of experience with building websites and online marketplaces. There are three Wix plans dedicated entirely to eCommerce. The Business Basic plan, which costs $23 per month and gives you access to a wide range of eCommerce tools, is the most affordable Wix eCommerce package.

The top eCommerce features

  • Recovery of abandoned carts – send automated emails to encourage customers to complete purchases and recoup lost sales.
  • Sell on Instagram without installing any apps thanks to multi-channel connectivity.
  • ‘Buy now and ‘Add to cart buttons — make shopping more convenient and boost sales.
  • Personalize your packaging with printable shipping labels to enhance your brand image.
  • Customers can use their stored card data in the ‘wallet’ section of the checkout to pay on the move.
  • Dropshipping — employ a third-party company to avoid having to package and transport your own products.
  • Shipstation integrations – establish a consistent shipping experience for your consumers by integrating apps like Shipstation.

And to top it all off, all Wix websites come pre-installed with SSL certificates. This is critical since it ensures that clients can safely enter their information through your website.


Small and medium-sized businesses with more than ten products will benefit most from using Shopify. It is used by over 600,000 online retailers and has over one million active users throughout the world. Shopify has sold over $100 billion in merchandise, so it must be doing something right! Shopify is second in terms of sales features, providing a plethora of high-quality tools to help you run your business.

The primary selling points

  • Offer physical and digital products and services for sale.
  • The ability to recover abandoned carts is built-in, which aids in the detection of incomplete sales.
  • Sync with ten various sales platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon, to create billing and collecting money more convenient for your customers.
  • To make your payment, you have a choice of more than 100 payment gateways (including Shopify Payments and Google Pay).
  • Sell as many goods as you want.
  • With Shopify’s mobile app, you can stay on track while on the road.

It’s easy to see why Shopify did so well in this category. These features not only make running an online store viable, but they also make it simple and entertaining. Simply said, Shopify was created to assist people in creating an online business. Also, before creating your online store, think about the externalities.

In one interview, the CEO of Shopify said: “I encourage everyone who’s building companies, or at least after you get to a certain point of success, to have a good think on what the externalities are that would be caused by your success. “Externalities” is just the economic term to think about, but it’s a perfect way to think about it.”


Squarespace is a creative’s dream come true. This is the option for you if you want to make your online business as visually appealing as possible. Squarespace is an appealing solution for hundreds of online retailers because of its stunning layouts, strong inventory system, and several quality features. Squarespace’s online store templates are more limited, but they span a wide range of industries, from fashion to food and beverage. It also placed #1 in the ease of use test, indicating that it is the simplest constructor to master. It’s important to note that there’s a tiny learning curve at first, but after you’ve mastered the basics, creating a store with Squarespace is a breeze! Was there any mention of the business aspect of things? A beautiful storefront combined with traditional eCommerce features such as price reductions and pop-up promotions makes Squarespace an excellent all-around choice. Squarespace definitely shines when it comes to promotional tools.

Top features

  • You can apply various discounts to your store’s products, ranging from individual items to complete orders
  • Squarespace’s inventory system is another amazing sales tool and functionality. On any of Squarespace’s eCommerce pricing options, you can sell an unlimited number of products. You also have the option of uploading them all at once or one by one.

Combined with in-house stock management, income reports, and email alerts about stock levels, Squarespace resembles eCommerce specialist Shopify more closely than other eCommerce website builders on the market. Squarespace’s sophisticated layouts will highlight your products and make your storefront stand out. It’s a good option for your online business as long as you don’t overuse its selection of eCommerce services. Squarespace’s sophisticated layouts will highlight your products and make your storefront stand out.

How can you benefit from the greatest eCommerce website platforms?

Please keep in mind that the best eCommerce website platform for startups may not be the best eCommerce platform for a one-person operation. Therefore, it is critical to research which eCommerce platform best fits your business before settling on a specific one.

The ability to create an online store is now more accessible than ever, but this does not imply that all online sales platforms are created equal. Therefore, selecting the most compatible option with your business ideas, objectives, and financial constraints is critical.

They’re a terrific opportunity for you to make a little additional money by selling online. You don’t need to be an expert in design or know how to code! Assume you want to earn money online. You want to start selling on a simple eCommerce website platform or create a store for your small business. Does this ring true for you? You’re selling a few items, so begin by adding some lovely product photographs and descriptions. You link to a shopping cart (a web application that enables your store to accept payments), and you’re ready to go! After that, you promote your store using various marketing strategies, and people begin to come in. You’ve learned that your customers enjoy what you have to offer and are willing to pay for it! You’re up and running! Isn’t it thrilling?



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