Being a Good Parent: 7 Tips to Better Manage Kids With ADHD

ADHD affects millions of children all over the world. These kids may also develop anxiety, low self-esteem, and school performance problems. Although symptoms lessen with age, some people don’t really outgrow their symptoms.

If your children are diagnosed with ADHD, don’t lose hope. ADHD symptoms lessen with age. If done with the right interventions, children fully recover from their disorder by the time they reach 21 to 27 years of age.

As a parent, it can be frustrating at times. It can take a toll on your mental well-being and your overall health. Your job is to take care of your kids in the best way possible to recover from this disorder. Here are some tips to help you take care of your kids with ADHD.

Consultation with Professionals

Before you conclude that your kid does have ADHD, talk to your kid’s teacher. Ask them if they have any concerns about their school behavior or how they interact with other children. If their teacher believes that something is off and that you suspect your child is having problems, it’s time to visit your doctor.

Your doctor can order special tests such as a complete physical examination along with vision and hearing tests. Doctors can also go with NEBA or Neuropsychiatric EEG-Based Assessment Aid System. This FDA-approved procedure is safe and non-invasive. NEBA uses brainwaves to tell if your child has ADHD.

If your child is diagnosed with ADHD, your doctor might prescribe medications. Medications such as Vyvanse help your child cope with the disorder’s symptoms. Take note medicine does not cure ADHD. Always ask your physician or healthcare provider before taking drugs and other treatments your child might need.

Proper Praise and Rewards

Your child often receives and expects more criticism than other children they meet. Children can be sensitive at times, and this may affect their self-impact. A good way to negate such an effect is to praise and give your child rewards when they follow the rules or display good behavior.

Since your child can get affected with complaints against their behavior, they might shy away from their potential. Parents who use positive reinforcement the right way often discover their child’s hidden talents. This method can be an excellent way to develop your child’s talents despite having ADHD.

Limiting Distractions

As kids with ADHD are easily distracted, avoid mediums that promote compulsive behavior. Too much TV, video games, mobile phones, and other electronic devices can do more harm than good to kids, even those without ADHD.

Don’t get it wrong, though. Don’t totally remove such mediums as they can also help your children’s learning. The reasonable thing to do is decrease the time they spend on these devices. Allow your children to engage in outdoor activities so that they’ll have a healthy outlet for their pent-up energy.


Encourage your kids to exercise. Aside from physical improvements, your child will also learn to focus their attention on their movements. With exercising, your child’s impulsivity may also begin to decrease.

Believe it or not, many world-class athletes have ADHD. Simone Biles, Michael Phelps, and Shaquille O’Neal are just a few athletes diagnosed with the disorder.

Keeping it Clear and Direct

Instructions and ADHD just don’t mesh well. For kids with ADHD, too many instructions can be confusing and counterproductive. When giving a child with ADHD a task, it helps to be clear and direct.

Here are some tips when giving instructions to your kid:

  • Move closer to your child and mention their name while touching their arm or shoulder. Moving this way helps get their attention better.
  • Speak in a firm tone.
  • Make eye contact with your child when giving out an instruction.
  • Give simple commands and talk to your child in a way they understand.
  • Avoid giving out too many instructions.
  • Be patient and calm.
  • Allow your child a few seconds to process what you said without repeating it. Children tend to listen better when given instructions calmly. By waiting for them to process your instructions, you’re teaching your kids the importance of listening and not having to rely on things being repeated to them.

Believe in Yourself

Taking care of kids with ADHD is indeed a challenge. Your wits and patience will be tested. As a parent, never resolve yourself to any shortcut or method that’ll hurt your kids emotionally, psychologically, or physically. Be understanding of their condition and love them unconditionally.

Believe In Your Kids

ADHD cannot be cured or prevented. However, don’t let that fact lessen your faith in your kid’s ability to cope. With proper interventions, early detection, and TLC, your child will eventually develop properly as an individual. Remember, lots of Tender, Love, and Care always work, so don’t skimp out on TLC when it comes to taking care of your children.


Taking care of children with ADHD can be challenging. With their inability to focus and tendency to be hyperactive, any parent’s wits are always put to the test. The tips mentioned above are just a few things to follow when taking care of your children. Remember to always believe in yourself and your kids for the better.

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