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 Ability to Communicate Branding Elements Effectively

Explainer videos have grown very popular among the general population, as you are undoubtedly aware. In recent years, explainer films have proven to be the most powerful and convincing marketing strategy. This is also due to the fact that explainer videos are excellent at conveying product messages. Any word, idea, or concept, no matter how complicated, may be readily communicated to viewers in a way that is both entertaining and memorable. Explainer films make product messaging interesting using visuals, vibrant colors, a compelling screenplay and narrative, humorous music, an entertaining voice-over, and illustrated animation characters. The fact that these films provide viewers with a complete product/service overview in only a few seconds is what makes them so effective.

Explainer videos may help businesses increase conversions, clickthrough rates, and revenue. Because of the benefits, every business wants to create a product demo video. However, since there are differences in consistency and effectiveness, we must examine what makes one explainer video superior than another. You may build a video using today’s software or hire a company to create your product presentation, for example, a 2D animation videos.


When it comes to brand awareness, the visual identity of the company is critical. A potential client is more likely to select a product that is aligned with a particular color, shape, or phrase since it is already recognized. When a filmmaker opts for animation over live-action, color should be a priority. You could even create the whole movie out of different colors of your company’s paint. Getting the same effect in live-action is considerably more challenging. You can also employ a brand character to guide a viewer through the brand in your animated explainer.

There is a reduction in the amount of talent required

Finding filmmaking talent is a pain in the neck. It’s much more challenging for a manager since you have to make sure that everyone’s calendar is free on a particular day. You’ll still have to compensate for your skills, which may be an expensive cost for small teams of 1-5 individuals. Animated videos seem to be a more feasible alternative to some extent. You have the option of hiring a professional animator to handle the whole process for you, or you may utilize internet tools to create a picture on your own. Finally, animated videos are more practical than live-action clips since they need a less trained staff.

There is a reduction in the amount of equipment required

An animated corporate video is a good concept for small companies. In more distant areas, access to top-of-the-line filmmaking equipment — cameras, tripods, and drones – may be limited. Additionally, choosing on animation, video location, and prop preparation would be easier. As a consequence, the initial investment in animated corporate videos is similar to that of a moderately produced live-action feature.

 Visual Flexibility Increased

There are far more things that can be animated than can be filmed in a live-action video. Unusual settings, instructive sequences, and emotional resonance are all determined solely by the artist’s skill. When it comes to live-action films, there are many factors to consider, including the location, the mood, the camera and lens quality, and the actor’s skill level.


It’s possible that it won’t work with serious messages

Because of their easy and entertaining character, animated films are often used to highlight a severe social issue or other major concern. Live-action videos do a fantastic job of delighting and inspiring viewers with their realistic visuals. As a result, most organizations choose to use static pictures rather than animated material. Although animated films are useful for explaining difficult ideas, they may not be the ideal option if you want your viewers to get emotionally engaged in your cause.

Demonstrating how the product works may be more difficult

Filming an animated video is definitely the greatest choice for creating an explanation for service providers. When it comes to product showing, this kind of video falls short of giving a potential customer a genuine look and feel for the product that would persuade them to buy one. Live-action pictures, on the other hand, are excellent since they can create a strong image with zoomed-in views and show all of the uses of a tool or other product in great detail. Because the product isn’t shown in an animated video, it’s impossible to explain its functioning and applications convincingly.




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