7 Must-Visit Attraction Sites in Chicago

Chicago, popularly known as the birthplace of the skyscraper, is one of the best cities to be in America. Essentially, the city houses plenty of great attraction sites that you cannot afford not to visit. Such sites includemuseums, art galleries, and high-rises, among others. Also, there are various fantastic Illinois state parks near Chicagothat are also a must-visit when you trip to Windy City.Typically, whether you are on vacation or a work-related trip in Chicago, you will almost certainly want to feel the thrill of being in some, if not all, of Chicago’s attraction sites. In case of such urge, ensure to visit the following spots.

Must-Visit Tourist in Chicago:

  1. Navy Pier:

Navy Pier is an absolute must-go place in Chicago. This 3,300 foot-long stretch on the Michigan lake shoreline is a home of hundreds of entertainment and life-fulfilling spots. That is, it is a one-stopshop for all forms of entertainment and adventures. Essentially, there is a thing for everybody, including children, shoppers, thrill-seekers, foodie tourists, among others. Specifically, there are numerous shops, eateries, and entertainment theatres such as Shakespeare Theater, 3D Imax Theater, among others.

Moreover, the Pier hosts numerous seasonal events and festivals allyear round. Also, you can indulge in sea tours and sightseeing excursions on cruise ships from here. What’s more, you can spend your precious time with your loved ones on one of the many Ferris wheels featured here.

  1. North Avenue Beach:

If you love beach life, North Avenue Beach is the place to go. Essentially, the nature interactivity at North Avenue Beach is incomparable. Here, you can take sea tours from the beach and interact efficiently with marine life. Moreover, you can chill out on the beach sunbathing, surfing the internet using the beach’s free Wi-Fi, or enjoying the beautiful city skyline views the beach offers. In addition to that, there is a variety of perfect spots for various enticing activities at Nort Avenue Beach. Such scenes include volleyball courts, swimming, and diving spots, among others.

  1. Chicago History Museum:

Love learning the histories of various states? If so, ensure to visit Chicago History Museum to discover Illinois history. This exhibition hall is one of the earliest museums in Chicago, dating its history to1856. It was initially known asthe Chicago History Society. Essentially, it was a societal history study hall containing most of Illinois history. Today, the museum is among the most extensive historical museums in the United States, housing hundreds of thousands of important Chicago society and states historical collections, including a chunk of the original Fort Dearborn.

Here you will find over two million fascinating historical objects, photos, artifacts, sculptures and monuments, documents, among others.Also, the museum host both temporary and permanent exhibitions. Thus, you will always have a desirable adventure at the museum.

  1. The Shedd’s Aquarium:

If indoor activities are your cup of tea, yet aquatic life fascinates you, then Shedd Aquarium is where to trip. Remarkably, the facility accommodates visitors of all ages, including children. More interestingly, the Aquarium features over 32,000 marine animals in 100 plus species from across the globe. What’s more, Shedd offersdaily sessions dedicated to providing comprehensive learning to visitors. Also, it provides guided live dives and feedings sessions to enhance your experience at the Aquarium. As such, you get a chance to discover, interact, learn,and create lifetime memories. Therefore, Shedd Aquarium is undoubtedly worth a visit while you are in Chicago. However, note that booking in advance is highly encouraged.

  1. Music Box Theatre:

After busy days, you might want to escape reality and immerse yourself in the fictional world. In such times, you should spend your time in the Music Box Theatre.Here is where film buffs chill out. Hence you get to interact with local people and guests with your personalities and traits. More interestingly, the theatre showcases almost all movie types, including documentaries, cult classics, among others. As such, it accommodates people with varied preferences.


Indeed, there is no complete trip to Chicago without at least a one-time visit to either of Chicago’s best attractions. Whether you are looking to get away from your daily routine or you are here to tour the area, the mentioned five attractions are a must-visit. There are also numerous last-minute getaways from Chicago you can visit when looking to spend your time away from the Windy City.

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