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6 Tips to Help You Succeed as an Adult Learner

Taking on school is difficult at any age, but learning presents a unique set of challenges as an adult. How we feel about our learning capabilities influences our success. As adults, we may have beliefs that get in the way of our goals. To overcome these obstacles, here are six tips to help you succeed as an adult learner.

1. Meet Your Requirements

To become proficient at something, you have to meet all of the requirements that make up the learnings for a subject. Before pursuing any official program, look up the guidelines you will need to have covered to be successful. You might need to invest in hybrid education technology, digital or physical copies of textbooks, and so on to get started.

Along with meeting your requirements, you want to ensure you know what they are. For example, if you’re planning on completing the NMLS continuing education requirements California, you would reach out to the NMLS for more information. This allows you to determine what you need to understand your subject thoroughly.

2. Trust Your Instinct

Whether you are pursuing a college degree online, trying to get through a creative writing class at a prestigious university, or obtaining your massage therapist license in Arizona, all types of learning come with a fair amount of stress that can make you want to quit.

There will likely be times where you will start to doubt your ability to follow through in your learning. To be a successful adult learner, you need to let go of these doubts and trust your instincts. Deep down, you know that you will make progress if you stick with it; that is just how improvement works!

3. Find A Mentor

Whatever you plan on studying, the process will go a lot smoother if you have a mentor to guide you along the way. If you can work with someone who has taken the classes you are participating in or who is otherwise an expert on the subjects you are studying, they are someone to reach out to. By seeing that someone else has achieved your goal, you will feel more motivated to continue.

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4. Maintain Your Conviction

Staying committed to your learning is difficult as an adult because no one is telling you to keep going. At a certain age, we have to make an effort to be our own cheerleaders, parents, and leaders and understand that no one will achieve things for us. To avoid education turmoil, stay focused and committed to your learning. Maintain your conviction that you can do it.

 5. Set Realistic Goals

Understand that learning something new is a process. If you want to succeed, you need to set realistic goals that allow you to maintain practical progress and fair expectations for yourself. If your standards for learning are too high, you will feel less motivated to continue. Keep your goals and expectations fair to progress gradually. Use study tools and learning analytics to make the most of your process.

6. Take Care Of Yourself

No matter which classes you have enrolled in or the number of hours you study, your learning will suffer if you are not taking care of yourself. Without enough sleep, you will have a hard time retaining information. Take care of yourself to optimize your learning potential.

The Bottom Line

To be a successful adult learner, let go of the voices telling you to quit, be kind to yourself, and set fair expectations for yourself to stay motivated. Although your class or program will end, learning is a journey that never really stops. Embrace this fact and study your heart out.

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