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6 reasons parents are obsessed with European baby formulas

If you’ve ever considered formula-feeding, you’ve come across articles about European formulas. They are famous for their popularity not only in Europe but also around the world. You have heard one hundred percent about such common baby formula’s brands as HiPP, Holle, Kendamil, Lebenswert and others. So many families have been using them for a long time and are completely satisfied. So why are European baby formulas considered the best? Have they just got viral, or do they really stand out for their excellent quality? Let’s put two and two together and discover the reasons of European baby formulas’s popularity.

6 reasons parents are obsessed with European baby formulas

1.   Similar to breast milk?

Yes. They are more like breast milk in comparison with American ones or others. Manufacturers of European baby formulas try to do their best to get as closer as they can to breast milk in terms of sugar and lactose. For example, American baby formulas tend to use sweeteners such as corn syrup or sucrose which is less expensive but can harm you little one in some way. European ones, in turn, typically use all the natural ingredients.

2. Are they best organic formulas?

You can be sure about the great content of European baby formulas as they are created according to the highest standards. They tend to use all the best organic ingredients as high quality milk and avoid harmful ingredients like sucrose, pesticides, GMOs, antibiotics and other artificial elements. You will sleep well if you will know that your loved one take only the best milk that comes from grass-fed cows on controlled farms.

3. Less likely to cause any health issues?

Definitely true. First of all, because of its top-quality ingredients that will not affect your baby negatively. Parents are often concerned about the risk of obesity and diabetes while choosing formula-feeding. European baby formulas avoid such elements like processed sweeteners that can increase blood sugar levels. Instead, they use clean lactose that is naturally sweet enough. Children like it indeed and enjoy the process of eating.

4. Are they suitable for different baby’s needs?

European baby formulas are so widely popular and diverse these days. One of the reasons why so many families chose it is their suitability for different baby’s needs. If your baby is spitting, gassy, fussy or even upset you should ponder the replacement of the formula. You can easily find the best organic formula that will be perfect for sensitive tummy of your little one.

5.  Highly recommended by doctors?

Professionals and doctors can consciously assess the quality and composition of any baby formulas, so you should better listen to their pieces of advice. You can find a lot of positive feedback from satisfied parents, but doctors’ recommendations are more reasonable. Search for them on the Internet and you will find a lot of detailed analysis. So it will never be superfluous to read additional information and make sure about its benefits.

6. Quite available?

It’s one of the best part about European baby formulas – availability. You can find them almost everywhere: supermarkets, pharmacies and Internet sites. Remember to use only reliable ones not to get deceived. organicsbestshop.com is among them and we can highly recommend it. You may find European formulas slightly more expansive than regular ones, but take into account that its quality is worth its money.

So now, you are familiar with some of the reasons parents are obsessed with European formulas. Giving it to your child you can sleep calm and be sure that your little one receives all the best. So if you are looking for closest-to-breastmilk formula with organic options recommended by most of the doctors – try it and you will not regret.


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