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5 Unforgettable Interceptions In NFL History

5 game-changing catches that we will never stop talking about 

In the NFL an interception is when a pass (forwards or backward) or a fumble is caught by a member of the opposing team before it hits the ground. An interception means a change in possession and a chance for the intercepting team to make ground and move towards the end zone. 

We remember interceptions because they look dramatic and they have a huge impact on the flow of a game. One interception can completely change a team’s momentum. It can also change the scoreboard. 

Today, we are going to talk about the 5 most impressive and unforgettable interceptions in the history of the NFL. 

#5 – Troy Polamalu 

Steelers vs Eagles 

You might get a little bit sick of reading the name Troy Polamalu by the time you finish this article. The man was one of the best in the game – we swear he must have had magnets in his fingers. 

In this moment, Polamalu makes the most of it when an overwhelmed Bryant McFadden collides with L.J. Smith. Polamalu leaps over McFadden and just manages to get his fingertips on the ball before it hits the ground. 

A man the size of Polamalu should not have been able to jump so gracefully. 

#4 – Kroy Biermann

Falcons vs Browns 

Not many of you were expecting to see a linebacker make it onto this list. Neither were we, but we have to admit that this play from Biermann was something special. The man only has two interceptions in his whole career and he pulls this out of the bag – incredible. 

Biermann is able to just deflect the ball, but the ball then starts flying off in another direction. Biermann chases down his own deflection and just manages to keep it in. At this point he had done more than enough – but then he got up and ran it in for 6! 

#3 – Troy Polamalu 

Steelers vs Titans 

A lot of people will look at this play and think that it is Kenny Britt’s mistake that results in Polamalu getting the ball. These people are looking at things all wrong. 

Polamalu positions himself so perfectly that Britt has to take a risk to try and save face. The move doesn’t work out for him because Polamalu is too athletic and too precise. 

He manages to get himself between Britt and the ball before his opponent even knows what is going on. 

During his career, Polamalu won 2 Super Bowl titles. These matches always include some top-quality interceptions. Have an idea about who will make the first one, you can bet on that and find other NFL odds here. 

#2 – Jason Sehorn 

Giants vs Eagles 

You may know this interception as “the cartwheel interception”. 

In this play, Sehorn falls to the floor while trying to intercept the ball, he manages to punch it up in the air, roll forward and catch it. He then springs to his feet and slips past 3 Eagles players to run it in. 

We know that this description sounds a little implausible, it does have to be seen to be believed. We know the Eagles fans in the stadium at the time definitely thought they were in some kind of bad dream. 

#1 – Troy Polamalu 

Steelers vs Chargers 

We are completely sure that Philip Rivers still has nightmares about this moment. Why? Because Troy Polamalu read him like a book, intercepted his pass, and made it look easy. 

This interception has made it to the top of our list for two reasons, (1) it was incredible – and we’ll get to that in a moment, and (2) Polamalu didn’t have to make it. 

Polamalu was not on the side of the pitch where the ball was being passed, he could have let someone else look after it. But that wasn’t the kind of player Polamalu was. He always gave 100%. 

Polamalu notices exactly who Rivers is about to pass the ball to, and before Rivers has even made the play, Polamalu has started sprinting across the field. He gets in between the wide receiver and the ball. However, the ball starts to plummet towards the earth. 

So, Polamalu dives towards the floor, and with the very tips of his fingers, he catches it. Not only was this a perfectly read interception, but it was a one-handed interception. 

Did we mention that there was snow and ice on the ground too? That’s not the kind of weather you would expect to produce a moment like this. 

Interceptions are endlessly fascinating to us because of the skill they require and because of the huge impact they can have on games. It was difficult to narrow this list down to just 5. 

However, there is no doubt in our minds that Troy Polamalu deserves the number one spot on this list (and the 3rd, and the 5th). But we do hope that there is an interception in this year’s Super Bowl that is good enough to knock him off the top spot. 


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