5 major risks when using free moving boxes

Relocation is quite an expensive process. It is natural that people want to save some money. Often, they choose to do it by finding used boxes for packing their stuff instead of buying boxes that perfectly match your needs from the moving company. You really can save some money, but you risk getting poor quality boxes and damage your stuff. We’ll tell you about risks you can face while using free boxes.

Dirty boxes can soil your items

Using free moving boxes may not be hygienic, as they can be dusty and grimy because of being stored in unclean vehicles orbwarehouses. Moreover, they may also have unpleasant stains like oil spots and mold or mildew growth, which can cause a musty odor.

There is a significant chance of getting unclean free moving boxes, which can result in damaging your delicate possessions such as clothes and bedding that are packed inside them.

Used boxes are weak and can break easily

Using free packing boxes to pack your belongings can be risky because cardboard boxes lose their strength and structure with each use. Even a single move can weaken them significantly, making them unreliable for reuse, particularly for heavy items during long-distance moves.

If a box’s weakened bottom breaks during a move, there can be negative consequences:

  • damaging fragile and breakable items that may hit the ground;
  • getting injured is a possibility if something heavy falls from a used cardboard box and lands on your feet or toes.

So if you use free old boxes, you have to be extremely careful.

Bug infested boxes are the worst

The most severe outcome of getting used moving boxes to pack your belongings is getting ones that have been infested with bugs, bookworms, spiders, roaches, or other unpleasant creatures that may have made a home inside them. Bringing such pests into your new home through second-hand boxes can quickly turn into a horrible experience for you.

Free moving boxes often lack versatility

One more issue that you may face when using free moving boxes is that it may be challenging to find boxes of the appropriate sizes for your household items. Generally, cardboard boxes are versatile, and their wide variety of sizes (small, medium, large, extra-large) and shapes (wardrobe boxes, dish barrel boxes, mirror and picture boxes etc.) contribute significantly to a safer and more manageable packing process.

Free boxes come at a price: extra expenses and lost time

While the idea of getting something for free can be enticing, it’s essential to realize that you may have lost valuable time and even incurred additional expenses in finding those free second-hand packing materials.

Before searching for free cardboard boxes and other packing materials, count how much time you need for this process. Determine whether you can afford to spend several hours or even days looking for the required packing supplies. If you have at least eight weeks before moving day, looking for quality used moving boxes for free may be worthwhile.

How to minimize the risks when using free cardboard boxes

If you want to minimize risk of using free boxes, follow these steps:

  • before taking any free cardboard boxes, carefully inspect them;
  • ensure that they are completely clean inside;
  • if there is any pre-existing damage, it is better to reject the boxes;
  • use high-quality packing tape to tape the bottom and sides of each used box at least twice;
  • use plenty of padding such as packing paper, crumpled newspapers, or bubble wrap;
  • don’t make the boxes too heavy, and keep them within the reasonable weight limit of 50 pounds;
  • use new moving boxes for fragile valuables.

Following these steps, you will secure your belongings while moving.

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