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4 Types of Fine Art Photography and How Each Can Impact a Room

When it comes to taking photos, a camera or smartphone is certainly capable of achieving such a task. But while one device can capture countless images, these pictures are definitely not the same.

For instance, the images photojournalists take for newspapers and magazines are quite different than the ones you took last week at a family birthday party. And these photos aren’t in the same category as commercial photos that help to advertise a product.

Then there’s fine-art photography, which, as its name implies, is more artistic. In particular, fine-art photos often inspire an emotion or state of mind in a way that may be symbolic.

Because fine-art photography can evoke feelings and help to set the tone for the space around it, this type of artwork can be an outstanding choice in rooms around the house.

As for the different types and styles of fine-art photography — and the aesthetic and feeling each one can bring into a space — consider the following:


Fine art photographs that fall into the minimalism category tend to be simple and sparse, with the image including a small number of objects; for example, a single palm tree leaf rather than an entire group of trees. People who embrace a minimalist approach to interior decorating, which includes paring down their belongings and decluttering their homes, will find that adding something a bit more austere to their walls will help complement the overall peaceful and serene feel of the room.


You may have some of these photos stored on your smartphone right now, including gorgeous shots of scenery from national parks, beaches, and hiking trails. In addition to capturing invoking scenery, landscape fine art can either be in color or black and white. For instance, the powerful red rock formations of Monument Valley make for a stunning fine-art photograph, as do rolling fields of wheat. Adding this type of photo to a room no doubt brings about positive energy and an adventurous spirit. Plus, if you took the image, it could also inspire you with happy memories.


Fine art photography that includes food is different from commercial photos used for print ads in magazines. In fact, think of fine art food photography as a still-life painting, with the emphasis on one key image like a mouth-watering cheeseburger or a bunch of grapes with water droplets clinging to the fruit. As you might suspect, this type of artwork fits right at home in a kitchen or breakfast nook, where these realistic and colorful photos can whet your appetite.


Fine art architectural photography often features an artistic view that impacts the way you look at buildings and other structures. For instance, instead of the standard photos you often see of the Eiffel Tower, this type of fine art may frame the tower from the ground looking up through it, or from another interesting angle that makes you see the tower in a different way. This type of fine art photography would be at home in virtually any room, including a study or den where creative projects are taking place.

Beautifying a Home with Fine-Art Photos

Fine-art photography can be as impactful on your mood as many paintings or sculptures; the only difference is that the artist is using a camera instead of paint, canvas, and clay to create masterpieces. Knowing about different types of fine-art photography — and how each can impact the look and feel of a room — will help you choose pieces that are ideal for your home.



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