4 Keys to Reducing Procrastination

“I’ll do it later,” you hear yourself say. Maybe you hear yourself tell your children, “Not now. Let’s do that tomorrow.” The adage says to not put off what you can do today.

Sometimes procrastination seems easy the moment to do if you do not feel like taking action on a specific task. Whether it’s finishing an assignment for school or work, handling a chore at home, or making an important phone call, procrastination affects about 15% to 20% of adults regularly.

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1. Make a To-Do List

Believe it or not, making a to-do list can make you feel better. You may feel like there is so much to do and so little time, but writing down your tasks can be the first step to finding emotional relief from your workload.

Organize your list by what you want to accomplish each day. List your errands, work shift time frame (if applicable), and a couple of other personal goals you want to reach that day. Be reasonable when listing your tasks to not give yourself too much to do.

Make sure to handle everything on your to-do list for the day, and then you can have fun with leisurely activities.

2. Split One Large Task Into Smaller Ones

A project can be split into larger tasks when it will take longer than a day. Complete two to three tasks per day related to that project to get it finished by the deadline. Instead of waiting until the last minute to tackle all the tasks at once which can lead to increased stress, splitting everything into smaller tasks will be more manageable and make you feel less perturbed.

For example, if you have to write a blog post, you can do the following each day.

  • Day 1: Research the content and outline.
  • Day 2: Write a rough draft, review, edit, and finalize the blog post.

3. Set Phone Alarms Throughout Your Day

Set a couple of smartphone alarms throughout your day to get yourself organized. Have an alarm for 30 minutes before you have to start a task so you can get prepared to start it. Have another alarm set as a 15-minute warning to finalize preparations. Set a final alarm a few minutes before you want the task to start so you can be more encouraged to do it at that specific period.

4. Turn Off App Notifications

If you have a favorite app you love to use, turn off the notifications to that before starting the task. It will minimize your distractions while working. If you can, turn off your phone completely to reduce distractions further.

Let’s Finalize This Now

We are all human. So it’s understandable if you do not feel like doing a dreadful task at the moment that you are supposed to do it.

Take a deep breath and tackle it as soon as you can so you have less to worry about as the time crunch happens. Waiting until the last minute to complete a task can do more harm than good for your mental health as it puts pressure on you to speed through the task’s completion.


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