10 Villains, 10 Satisfying Deaths: Only on American Netflix.

While most movies and TV series follow the typical genre and character-building conventions, a change in the way the characters are viewed has recently been observed. Why villains are the way they are is considered more important than the dire consequences of their hefty emotional baggage and trauma.

However, not all villains and their acts may be justified. Some characters are portrayed to be so vile that the viewers cannot help but despise the actors that play them as well. Consequently, when these characters reach their well-deserved end, viewers find it highly satisfying.

American Netflix is known for having the most titles with such characters, but some may not be available in your region. While you continue your search for how to get American Netflix in Australia, we are listing some of the most satisfying deaths of villains for you to binge-watch.

  1. Pike – The 100

Killing around 299 people throughout all his screen time in the series, Pike appears in seasons 3 and 6 of the series, appearing as an antagonistic character. He reaches his demise in season 6 when Octavia, the significant other of one of his victims, Lincoln, stabs him in the stomach, avenging her love’s brutal death.

  1. Vee – Orange is the New Black

With her manipulative tendencies, Vee is able to offend many of her friends, who after multiple betrayals, leave her to suffer the consequences of her actions alone. While she fled after they rat her out about her attack on Red, her ex-friend, she is run over by yet another character in the series, Rose, who, of course, Vee had also offended previously.

  1. Gul Dukat – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Dukat conspires against the universe to avenge his defeat while cheating on his wife and murdering innocents. Often known as one of the greatest Sci-Fi villains, he evolves into one of the most destructive villains in the Star Trek series. Dukat is killed in a sacrifice by his own people, the Pah-wraiths, as he unknowingly sips poison down from a goblet.

  1. Black Jack Randall – Outlander

Randall, in his time in the TV series, is the kind of leader everyone dreads. Using his influence, he intimidates and silences the vulnerable victims of his sadistic and perverted desires. As predicted by a time traveler, Claire, Randall dies on the battlefield, reaching his rightful demise at the hands of Jamie, a victim of his own perverted desires.

  1. Stephen Bonnet – Outlander

Portrayed as an antagonist in the 4th and 5th seasons of the TV series, Bonnet is a despicable character, who has committed murders and smuggles to meet his dark will. He is sentenced to death by drowning, which is one of his greatest fears and is also shot by his arch-nemesis, Brianna, with a rifle to the head.

  1. Gus Fring – Breaking Bad

Owner of a drug empire, Gus Fringe became the chief distributor of drugs in the Southwestern region of America. Responsible for some utterly brutal murders during his time, he himself was killed by one of his former workers, Walter, by the explosion of a pipe bomb, planted in the wheelchair of one of Fringe’s rivals, Hector.

  1. Todd – Breaking Bad

A drug cook and a devilish murderer, Todd was responsible were the death of a child, and the wife of his employer, Jesse, who owned the drug manufacturing business where Todd met Walt who appointed him to murder certain targets. He was killed by Jesse who rightfully avenged his wife for being killed in cold blood.

  1. The Handler – The Umbrella Academy

Killing innumerable people to satiate her will, and even using her adopted daughter as a tool to assist, the Handler was responsible for other heinous crimes such as slavery, kidnapping, and abuse. She was assassinated by one of the Swedes after she kills her own adoptive daughter, Lila when she refuses to assist the Handler with her powers.

  1. Leonard Peabody/Harold Jenkins – The Umbrella Academy

Portrayed as the love interest of one of the siblings from the Umbrella Academy, Viktor, Leonard Peabody, Harold Jenkins by his birth name, Viktor realizes that he was being used for his powers, from the very start. Emotionally unstable, Viktor loses control of his powers and assassinates Leonard by sending sharp objects flying at him.

  1. Jang Han-Seok – Vincenzo

A wildcard entry amongst the other villains is Jang Han-Seok from the K-drama, Vincenzo.

Disguised as Jang Joon-Woo throughout most of the season, Han-Seok turns out to be the real chairman of the manufacturing giant, Babel. Responsible for killing countless people, Han-Seok meets his death slowly and painfully at the hands of Vincenzo, who tortures him mafia-style.


Did these assassination stories make you believe in karma all over again? Because nothing satisfies the soul more than a villain being served his justified death on karma’s silver platter by the people that they victimized!

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