10-Top Medical Apps for Improving Patient Care

Technology has evolved everything including patient care. There are plenty of medical apps for mobiles around that can help medical professionals and families to take care of patients. Mobile healthcare apps save patients’ and doctors’ time and improve care quality due to facilitated visit scheduling, patient examination and treatment. However, there are millions of them out there. So, we have made a list of the 10-Top Medical Apps for Improving Patient Care.

Medisafe Pill Minder

We all know how hard it is to keep track of the pills when you need to have 10 pills that look the same. And on some occasions, you just forget to take them at all. For moments like these, Medisafe Pill Minder will “remind” you to take these pills at their prescribed time with the quantity.

People who have to take care of old patients can set it up for them, and on each reminder, the patient can just pop them pills!


Along with medicines, diet is something that you need to take care of to get healthy. But, being aware of each and every calorie that you’re taking in is also a lot of work.

This is where MyFitnessPal comes in. This app will help anyone manage their diet with ease. You can keep track of every calorie with ease.

Teladoc – 24/7 access to a doctor

Getting an appointment with the doctor is a task and a half. But, with Teladoc you can get access to doctors anytime you want via phone.

For patients who are bedridden or immunocompromised – this app is literally the best solution out there.

MySugr – Diabetes Tracker Log

Everything that you eat these days has some traces of sugar. Therefore diabetes is a common phenomenon among young adults. With my Sugr, any diabetic patient can keep track of their blood sugar level.


 DynaMed is like Google but certified by doctors. So, you can access medical journals and other publications to read up on diseases that you are suffering from.


Sometimes getting your tests done can be an errand you just don’t want to do. For times like these, uChek can check your grime for a number of tests.

It used your camera and a stick to analyze your urine sample against some tests. If you’re unable to book a test or you’re too busy to go, uChek will be your best bet.


Just like diabetes, many people suffer from heart diseases these days. For those patients, AliveCor is a blessing. It turns your phone into an electrocardiogram. And the best thing about it is that it is approved by the FDA.


Taking care of a patient’s mental health is equally important. However, taking them to professionals can be tricky if they are bedridden or unable to travel.

Talkspace will help these patients by connecting them to medical professionals.


Physical exercise is essential for patients who have been through an accident or operation. But being aware of every activity is difficult.

Fitbit will take care of that for you or any other patient that you’re taking care of.


 If you have a chronic patient at home, you know how tricky it can get to keep a record of every prescription and test result.

Healow does that for you. You can keep a record of every medical record and access them whenever you want.

To sum it all up

Googling your symptoms may not be the ideal case. But thanks to people who have spent time building apps with the help of doctors. We can rely on these apps to improve patient care or make the process easier.

All these apps, if used correctly – can make a huge difference in a patient’s life.


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