10 main selection criteria when buying an apartment on Hawaii

What, according to the experience of the capital’s realtors, do buyers usually rely on when choosing a secondary or new housing in Hawaii?


When choosing economy class apartments, this is the most significant factor. If the apartment is more or less suitable for occupancy, then the higher the discount from the average market value of prices, the more likely it is to be bought quickly. Unfortunately, this feature is often used by scammers.

Transport accessibility

The key factor is the presence or absence of a metro station near the house where the apartment is for sale. In the near suburbs – suburban train stations. The rest of experienced buyers are interested in the second place, because everyone remembers the terrible metropolitan traffic jams. Check all available houses at ​​

Social infrastructure

A kindergarten, a school, a clinic within walking distance are the most important factors for family buyers and for those who seriously expect to start a family. The proximity of shops, shopping centers and cinemas are usually less frequently asked.

Type of house, year of construction

Many buyers are not initially interested in apartments in old houses, as well as apartments with an uncomfortable layout. Among the important disadvantages: tiny hallways and corridors, small kitchens, small balconies or loggias (or lack thereof). As a rule, such disadvantages are compensated by a lower price, so there will still be a buyer.

The state of the entrance, the house

Very often, seeing a dirty, unrepaired entrance, a potential buyer refuses to view the apartment itself, even in the economy class segment. The façade, which clearly requires at least cosmetic repairs, does not leave the best impression. But the state of the entrance for the buyer is much more important.

A separate possible minus is a non-working elevator. True, nothing prevents cunning realtors and a cunning seller from lying that the inconvenience with the elevator is temporary.

The condition of the apartment

It is believed that it is much easier to sell a clean and free, ready-to-move-in apartment with a small cosmetic repair than an untidy, cluttered and unrepaired apartment. A significant factor that negatively affects the desire to buy a home is persistent unpleasant odors in the apartment.

The presence of the notorious “European-style renovation” and various kinds of non-standard redevelopment is far from always a plus, but more often, on the contrary, a serious minus. Potential buyers for the most part may not share the tastes of the seller at all. But they will definitely pay attention to the price above the average market if the apartment is offered with a surcharge “for repairs” (and most often it happens).

A separate factor is the presence of inconsistent and, in fact, illegal redevelopment. The purchase of such apartments are often refused altogether. Potential owners of unnecessary communication with the housing inspection authorities, as a rule, do not want to. And it will be difficult for the seller to do without reducing the cost of the apartment by the amount of “compensation for future troubles”. In addition, not every redevelopment, in principle, can be legalized. And this already means the inevitable costs of bringing the apartment to its original form and the delayed move-in of new owners.

View from the window

Everything is quite simple: a view of the pipes of a thermal power plant, an industrial zone or a busy highway can greatly disappoint a potential buyer if the apartment is not for sale “below the market” and the seller did not honestly warn about “bad landscapes” in advance. In turn, a view of a forest, park or river can smooth out the unpleasant impression of other negative factors and be decisive, all other things being equal.

Extraneous noises

If a potential buyer notices something like this, the chances of selling him an apartment, as a rule, decrease dramatically. At least without lowering the price (if the apartment is not already sold at a discount).

An obvious example is the noise from the road under the windows. But there are also more “exotic” ones – periodic noise from working air conditioners on the facade, noise from a working elevator, a noisy cafe almost under the windows, etc.

Apartment location and floor

The phrase “The first and last do not offer!” Many people probably remember the ads. Therefore, the general rule: apartments on the first and last floor, all other things being equal, are cheaper. Also, the so-called “corner” apartments (with two “external” walls in one room) are often less popular. It is believed that they are colder than the rest, especially in panel houses.

Ecology of the region

A nearby park is not the last criterion for choosing a place to live. At least for the capital. As a rule, the environmental factor is already included in the basic average market price of apartments in a certain area.

But there are also purely individual features of specific houses. First of all, we are talking about the presence of thermal power plants, industrial zones, gas stations and large highways next to them. This factor, as a rule, affects the cost of the apartment downward.


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