The Brandon Johnson way: Perfect execution of the ‘smart’ game plan wins mayoral election

After coming out of nowhere to hold a runoff vote, Brandon Johnson consolidated the African-American votes that went to Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Willie Wilson, among the lakeside progressives. It was necessary to build on his strong track record and stop Paul Ballas from making big inroads into Hispanics.

Johnson is the mayor-elect today because he executed that strategy perfectly.

He won 29 of the 50 wards, including sweeping African-American majority wards. He won his six Hispanic-majority boroughs and his ninth borough of Vallas.The Latino ward Johnson carried contained 22 peoplend Former Mayoral Challenger Jesus Chui Garcia, District with Southwest Headquarters Members of Congress who endorsed Johnson.

And the impact of Vallaz’s showdowns in the nine Latino districts he won was greatly diminished by anemic Hispanic turnout. It was caused, in part, by a very small number of Latino wards, just 10 wards.th30thand 36th — It also hosts run-off elections for city councils that help attract more voters. 14 on the Southwest Sideth Only 4,283 total votes were cast in Ward, where the council race had already been decided.

While Ballas fell short of numbers needed in Hispanic districts, Johnson increased the vote totals along the lakefront and, after failing to win any of the majority African-American districts, won big in predominantly black districts. I was winning. Round one of the mayor’s sweepstakes.

Cook County Commissioners passed the 80% mark on eight African American wards.th8th16th17th20th and 21stsouth side and 24th and 37th on the west side. Austin residents scored the highest percentage (84.2%) at Ward.

Johnson filled the total February 28 votes along three boroughs: the progressive North Lakefront, the hipster Milwaukee Avenue corridor, and the Hispanic-majority Northwest Side, among which An agreement was reached that the two were represented by democratic socialists.rd and 35th.

“He united black voters with lakeside liberals.”

Ward 44 on the North Side where Aldo retired. Tom Tunney backed Vallas and Johnson won by a narrow margin, winning 49.6% of his Vallas with 50.4% of the vote. This was especially important in the borough, where there was no run-off vote for the city council and a total of 15,928 votes were cast.

Johnson recorded a 72.9% landslide at 49 on the Far North Ward. He topped the 60% mark with his and 48th Ward and 43 were able to win 31.2% of the voterd Ward, including the wealthy, crime-ridden residents of Lincoln Park.

In the Downtown and Near West Side boroughs, the 34 newly elected mayors-elect received more than 40% of the Ward, 24.8% of 42nd 25.5% with Ward and 2nd Ward.

“Brandon Johnson executed a wise strategy that is typical of Chicago politics. said Tom Bowen, a veteran Democratic strategist who ran the ballot campaign and served as Rahm Emanuel’s deputy election director in 2011 and political director for the first half of Emanuel’s first term.

Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson greets supporters at the Red Line station in Chinatown Wednesday morning.

“Some wards that stood out to me were the tougher socio-economic black wards at 21, 17 and 7. If Brandon’s coalition were to get any worse, that’s what you’d expect. They also [police] In front of you. But they clearly didn’t buy into Varras’ spin that Johnson’s public safety and economic plans were bad for them. ”

Bowen also pointed to Johnson’s narrow win at Tunney’s home Ward as proof Attack on Valas as a Closet Republican It has caused tremendous political damage to districts with large LGBTQ+ communities, including many young voters.

“That the ward went 50-50 tells us that the Republican offense worked. They didn’t trust the fact that he would rule as a true Democrat,” Bowen said.

“I found that the most consistent messages across free media and paid advertising corroborate his attacks. [on Vallas] as a Republican. It’s also very easy to understand. Especially since Trump was indicted just last week, especially in the post-Dobbs situation. [overturning Roe v. Wade] An environment where the real consequences of Republican rule affect people’s daily lives.

“It’s a very partisan, polarizing moment. So the easiest argument is, ‘I’m a Democrat. Don’t vote Republican.'”

Republican rap cut cash flow

Veteran Democratic strategist Peter Jangreco advised mayoral challenger Sophia King, who lost in the first round of the Mayors’ Sweepstakes, only to see her endorse Varras in the runoff with Johnson. rice field.

Jean Greco said Ballas would need to win “25-30%” of the black vote to counter how well Brandon is doing with white progressives, but He got only 20%.[%]Because his own words that he was “more Republican than Democrat” bothered him.

“If Paul Ballas had come across more as Joe Biden Democrat, he would have done better in the black community and would have been mayor,” Jean Greco said.

“He tried to remake himself as a Democrat in advertising, but people on the South and West Side didn’t take it. Brandon did a better job of getting away with the defund.” [the police] Worse than Valas ran away from being a Republican. That was the deciding factor.

Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson greets supporters Wednesday morning.

Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson greets supporters Wednesday morning.

“Vallas had a shot at doing better in the black community. And he jumbled up the tax issue by saying that only Valas would raise property taxes and Valas would be underfunded for pensions.”

“Hope for that person”

Veteran political strategist David Axelrod said he was not at all surprised by Mr Johnson’s rapid rise.

“When Brandon got only 20% of the African-American vote in the first round, I knew from the start that he was African-American, as past African-American candidates have been. I thought if I could strengthen people’s votes, he would be right in the campaign. And he did it,” Axelrod said.

“Vallas expected more from the black community. But he really thumped in those progressive wards. It was a combination of increasing numbers in white wards.”

Axelrod pointed out that both Johnson and Vallas had “albatrosses on video.”

For Johnson, it called defunding the police a “real political goal.” For Vallas, it called himself “more Republican than Democrat.” But it was Vallas’ haunting video that “wound more,” Axelrod said.

Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson greets his supporters the day after he defeated Paul Ballas in the mayoral election.

“Chicago is an overwhelmingly Democratic town, and the portrait they’ve painted of Paul as an anti-selective, quasi-Republican shows his emphasis on policing, especially among progressive voters.” Combined with that, it created a really negative image of him and pushed more voters into Brandon’s camp,” he said.

Axelrod said Johnson’s meteoric rise was thanks to millions of donations and campaign infantry provided by the Chicago Teachers Union, SEIU Locals 1, 73, Healthcare, AFSCME Council 31, and United Working Families. I admit there is.

But there’s a reason these unions “anointed him” as the elected mayoral candidate.

“They saw an innate talent in him. And that talent was evident. He didn’t always have the surest foot on some issues. But he communicates.” There’s a kind of positivity in a man, there’s hope in a man, it’s fascinating, that’s the important thing,” Axelrod said.

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