Top 5 insults Joe Biden has lobbed at the American voter

Don Rickles, the late and renowned insult comedian, may never have pursued a presidential candidacy, but Joe Biden’s approach to leadership bears a striking resemblance to what such a scenario might entail.

It all began four years ago, with Biden’s tendency to label voters as “dog-faced pony soldiers” or “fat,” and his audacity to comment on personal matters like why someone’s spouse left them. Since then, his penchant for insults shows no sign of abating.

Here are the top five ways the president insults us on a daily basis:

  1. Disregard for Economic Realities: Biden repeatedly claims that the economy is thriving, insisting that “America has the best economy in the world,” despite the glaring evidence suggesting otherwise. With rising costs, the affordability of everyday essentials like a burger and fries is under threat. His boasting about job creation conveniently overlooks the millions who were unemployed due to COVID-19 restrictions when he assumed office.
  2. Dismissive Attitude towards Vocational Education: Biden’s proposal to fund gender studies degrees while disregarding the contributions of hardworking individuals in skilled trades is telling. He seems to prioritize funding for those pursuing less practical majors over those who contribute directly to the economy.
  3. Politicization of Legal Matters: Despite Biden’s claims that the legal proceedings against Donald Trump were apolitical, his demeanor following Trump’s conviction suggests otherwise. His association with Robert De Niro, who publicly derided Trump supporters, further underscores the politicization of these matters.
  4. Propagation of Falsehoods: Biden’s history of fabricating stories, such as falsely claiming he turned down a spot at the U.S. Naval Academy, demonstrates a pattern of deception. His dubious claims extend to his alleged involvement in civil rights activism and his denial of business dealings with his son, Hunter.
  5. Unreliable Support for Allies: Biden’s wavering stance on supporting Israel, from initially backing its right to self-defense to later chastising the country, illustrates his inconsistent approach to foreign policy. Both sides of the conflict feel betrayed by his vacillation.

Biden’s propensity for making threats, such as his recent remark to a Time Magazine reporter, only adds to the concern. While his behavior may seem comical at times, the implications for the nation are deeply troubling. We find ourselves led by a president whose conduct resembles that of an aging insult comedian struggling to command the stage.

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