Police Negotiator Insults Man on Shelf, Texas Video Show

A police negotiator was caught on video insulting a man threatening to jump off a rock ledge in San Antonio, Texas.

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Texas police have drawn criticism after a negotiator was caught on camera insulting a man standing at the end of an overpass.

San Antonio Police Close Loop 410 On Thursday, Dec. 22, they worked to get the man back unharmed, but many were hampered by the department’s bargaining tactics, the outlet reported.

“We’re talking about your son, and you want to smoke under bridges like rats in New York. That’s pathetic, pathetic you.” hear what the negotiator is saying In videos shared to social media.

In other videos of the since-deleted incident, negotiators again called the man a rat and said he wasn’t a man and he wasn’t a man. don’t care about his sonTV station KENS reported.

“You’re going to let him down like you used to,” said the officer. “I don’t understand why he cares about you.”

McClatchy News has reached out to the San Antonio Police Department for comment.

“It literally made my stomach spin,” the man’s sister told KENS.

“This cop should be fired,” one user commented on SAPD’s Twitter post. “Don’t talk to anyone in this situation.”

“Improve SAPD. Let’s hope this guy doesn’t believe all the horrible things one of you said to him,” another user commented.

“You can tell by the way the policeman talks to the guy that it’s a very disgusting SAPD,” ​​wrote another.

Police eventually shot the man at the Beanbag Round, beat himhis sister told the San Antonio Express-News.It took 18 and a half hours after police arrived to say “the situation was resolved,” according to the outlet.

Despite the backlash, the department stands by the negotiators.

“Negotiators use all sorts of tactics … doing anything to pull someone out of a situation that could lead to self-harm,” spokesman Nicholas Solis told the newspaper.

According to Harvard Law School, crisis negotiation experts say it’s important to treat individuals with respect, and it’s important to keep your cool. However, adaptability is also important,crisis and hostage negotiations It’s not a “canned” design where the same approach and actions are used in the same way every time. ”

In other words, it’s up to the negotiator to do what seems best given the situation and the particular individual you’re talking to.

“Looking back, it’s really hard to judge,” Mike Lawler, an associate professor of criminal justice at the University of New Haven, told KENS. , if that cop feels, at that moment, that he needs to say something to bring the man back to the ground…it might be appropriate.

Mitchell Willetts is McClatchy’s real-time news reporter covering the central United States. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma and is an outdoor enthusiast living in Texas.

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