It’s unclear if the man shot the policeman

CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago’s police watchdog said Thursday, man shot dead by police Fired his weapon at Saput. David Brown called it a “pseudo shootout.”

The Civil Police Accountability Office “can confirm that a weapon was recovered at the scene and body-mounted camera video captured the initial exchange and subsequent firing,” First Deputy Commissioner Ephraim Eady said in a statement. said. “Whether the individual fired a weapon at the police is unknown and has not been determined by COPA.”

Police said the man was armed and was involved in an altercation early Wednesday outside a bar when he was shot dead by officers in an alleyway.

Police were called to the scene around 3 a.m. after receiving a call that a gunman had run into an alleyway and exchanged gunfire with officers, Brown said.

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Brown said Wednesday that initial investigations, including a review of body-worn camera footage, found “the criminals fired their weapons, and the officers fired their weapons.”

COPA said two police officers spotted the man walking and suspected him of involvement in a previous altercation. After getting out of the vehicle, officers pursued the man and ordered him to the ground, according to COPA.

COPA said the man collapsed when police followed him into an alley and was ordered to stay where he was. Both officers fired multiple shots as the man tried to get up.

A police spokesperson declined to comment on the COPA statement, chicago sun-times The agency is still actively investigating the shooting.

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