Is it safe to live in a house with cooked stimulants?

Denver, Colorado (KDVR) — A condominium recently hit the market in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood attracts attention with its property description.

567 sq ft condo located in 985 N. Corona Street In Denver, it’s listed for $252,000. The listing says 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, and many possibilities, but there are some issues.

“Tagged by the City and County of Denver due to methamphetamine contamination. There is an Evacuation/Restricted Access/No Trespassing Order placed at the front door by Denver Public Health and Environment.” Appears on sites like Jiro and redfin,state.

Is “Methamphetamine Contamination” a deal breaker for potential buyers?

How is the former stimulant lab cleaned?

According to a 2019 study published in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public HealthPeople who move to undecontaminated former methamphetamine lab sites may experience respiratory illness, skin irritation, and behavioral changes. breathing difficulties, etc.

So what does it take to live in a home like a Denver condo? says there is.

While there is no single standard method for disinfecting former meth-producing sites, there are some guidelines that many states follow. Illinois Department of Public Healthsome methods used by certified hygienists include testing all materials for reading, ventilating the site, and wiping potentially porous surfaces with detergent. (if its surfaces have not been completely replaced). In addition, both the ventilation and plumbing systems are cleaned or replaced.

According to Denver’s listing of properties, a condo should have:

  • Kitchen needs to burn down, appliances need to be replaced
  • Living room and bathroom need to be cleaned and retested
  • Buyer must pay the cost of additional testing and any fees required by the City and County of Denver to remove the tag.
  • HOA has a lien of $32,000 that must be paid.
  • I have a broken window that needs repair

This condo was built in 1963. In 2015, it was sold for $160,000. Zillow estimates the property’s value at his $244,159. Is it safe to live in a house with cooked stimulants?

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