Evanston, Illinois to Release Reparations Program Updates at Thursday Meeting

Thursday, June 1, 2023 at 10:15 am

Reparations Program Update Presented at Evanston Conference

Evanston, IL (WLS) — Evanston plans to hold a meeting on Thursday to discuss the ongoing reparations program.

Evanston’s reparations program has received national attention.

The conference will be held at the Morton Civic Center in Ridge to discuss ongoing programs and announce updates. People can also give testimony during the meeting.

Some say Evanston’s reparations program is working, others say it should do more in a few years

Ramona Barton was one of 16 residents who received initial compensation of $25,000 per person from the city of Evanston for home improvement, down payment, or mortgage assistance.

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A lifelong Evanstonian, he recalled racism at school and limited access to health care and housing.

“They were only allowing home purchases in certain areas,” Burton said.

There were some challenges and changes to Evanston’s compensation program to remedy housing discrimination.

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The city now allows cash payments, and since taxes from cannabis sales weren’t enough, a real estate transfer tax has been added to the revenue stream.

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