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NEW YORK (AP) — Daytime television psychologist “Dr. Phil” McGraw says he will end his 21-year talk show in the coming months, but viewers can’t wait to see him last. Is not …

“Dr. Phil” was the most famous spin-off from the Oprah Winfrey show that once dominated daytime television. The Texans’ show debuted in September 2002 after he was featured as his regular guest on Winfrey’s.

“This show has helped thousands of guests and millions of viewers with everything from addiction and marriage to mental health and parenting.” It was a decent chapter, but there are many more things I want to do while moving from daytime.”

The traditional broadcast television season ends in the spring. A date for Phil’s final show was not specified.

McGraw, 72, said he wants to focus on primetime programming and has an unspecified project planned for early next year.

In the midst of this, although it was a new program, no episode of “Dr. Phil” was made, and the program never disappeared from television. His CBS Media Ventures, which syndicates his shows, said it would offer rerun packages to the station for future seasons, including occasional new wraparound his content.

It’s a cost-cutting avenue blazed by Judge Judy, which aired its last original show in June 2021, but remains popular for reruns.

“We are going to join the ‘Dr. Phil and I will be doing business with the library for many years to come and welcome the opportunity to work together in the future. “

https://wgnradio.com/news/entertainment-news/ap-dr-phil-talk-show-to-end-daytime-tv-run-after-21-years/ ‘Dr. Phil’ Talk Show Exits Daytime Television for First Time in 21 Years | WGN Radio 720

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