Do I need a permit to have a pickleball court in my yard in Illinois?

ROCKFORD, Illinois (WTVO) — With the warmer months approaching significantly, people may consider having a pickleball court in their backyard.pickleball now America’s fastest growing sportAfter multiple approvals from famous athlete Like Tom Brady or LeBron James.

Some people consider building a pickleball court in their yard because public court space is sometimes scarce, but before you do, you need to know a few things.

Depending on where you live, need to get permission When doing large-scale construction such as laying the foundation surface of a basketball or tennis court.

If you are building a courthouse on your own property and need a permit, you may have to submit some paperwork. Standard paperwork These include home building/renovation applications, building permits, zoning compliance, and in some cases building permits.

Your local law officer has all the information you need. See the following information for Winnebago County. here.

If you are building a pickleball court in your home, you must adhere to the prescribed dimensions. USAPA.

  • 20 feet wide (including lines)
  • 44 feet deep (including lines)
  • 48.4 feet diagonal (corner to corner)

This is only the space required on the actual court, but in order to have enough space for the players to chase the ball, at least 30 feet wide by 60 feetbut USAPA We recommend a space of 34 feet by 64 feet.

Pickleball court construction varies greatly in price depending on how wide you want the court to be. Courts can be constructed of a variety of materials including concrete, asphalt, and plastic tiles, to name a few options. Adding outdoor lighting to allow night play and fencing around court areas can also increase prices.

Total cost to build a pickleball court in your backyard anywhere within the range of The cheapest option is $300, and the highest is close to $40,000. Do I need a permit to have a pickleball court in my yard in Illinois?

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