Civil War-era unexploded device found at Gettysburg National Military Park

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Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (WHTM) – Gettysburg National Military Park announced the discovery of an unexploded Civil War-era shell on Wednesday, Feb.

According to the park The shell was found inside the Little Round Top rehabilitation project area. It is located on the southwest corner of Little Round Top, the site of the Union victory over the Confederates on July 2, 1863, during the Battle of Gettysburg.

According to park officials, the device dates from 1863 and weighs about 10 pounds and is about 7 inches long.

The shell was disposed of Wednesday by the 55th Ordnance Disposal Company team at Fort Belvoir, Virginia. The team gently washed the shells, removed them from Little Round Top, and destroyed them off-site.

Local roads were closed Wednesday afternoon following the discovery of the device, but have since reopened.

The park has spent nearly seven months on a nearly two-year project to restore Little Round Top. Plans include replacing the overgrown boardwalk and restoring the area around the Little Round Top Monument.

According to Gettysburg National Park, the Little Round Top rehabilitation project “addresses congested parking, poor accessibility and associated safety issues, significant erosion, and vegetation degradation.”

Little Round Top and the 20th Main Monument have been closed since late July for a $13 million restoration project.

Gettysburg National Park has also regained popularity Devil’s Den Landmark Increase trail surface and add slip-resistant granite steps and green spaces. The Devil’s Den was closed from March 2022 until his late September as part of rehabilitation. Civil War-era unexploded device found at Gettysburg National Military Park

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