Can you keep a raccoon in Illinois?

(WTVO) — From cats and dogs to ferrets and rabbits, there are many pets that Illinois residents can own and love. But what if they’re looking for something a little more wild?

Raccoons may have an image of “garbage pandas”, but many people believe that delinquents are cute. You may want a new member of your family. However, there are things you should know before these people bring them into your home.

Nearly all wildlife in Illinois is protected under the Wildlife Act, according to the Illinois Act. illinois government

This means that they cannot be held in custody without proper authorization from the proper authorities.

It’s also important to remember that wild animals can carry a variety of diseases that can be transmitted to humans, making them dangerous companions. For those who think it is illegal to do so.

Some of the few people in the state who can keep wildlife in captivity are licensed wildlife rehabilitations. Residents should consider contacting them if they see a wild animal in need. Can you keep a raccoon in Illinois?

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