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Hong Kong (AP) — YouTube shuts down the campaign channel of Hong Kong’s only candidate, John Lee, on Wednesday and is the next leader because of compliance with US sanctions imposed on former second bureaucrats. became.

Prime Minister Lee has set up Facebook and YouTube channels to promote the campaign, although about 1,500 election committee members will elect city leaders without a vote on May 8.

The committee is made up primarily of Pro-Beijing members, including members of parliament and representatives of various professions and industries in the city.

Lee, who resigned as Principal Secretary to run for elections earlier this month, was live-streaming meetings with the city’s media and politicians on both Facebook and YouTube before the YouTube channel ended.

He is one of a group of top executives in Hong Kong and Beijing, including current leader Carrie Lam, weakening urban autonomy in 2020 after Beijing imposes strict national security laws on semi-autonomy. It was sanctioned by the United States for limiting its freedom. City.

In a statement, YouTube’s parent company, Google, said in a statement, “We will comply with applicable US sanctions laws and enforce relevant policies under our Terms of Service.”

“After the review, after complying with these policies, we ended the Johnlee 2022 YouTube channel,” he said.

A Facebook spokesperson, now called Meta, said Lee was “allowed to maintain a monetized presence on Facebook and Instagram and took steps to prevent the use of payment services.” Stated. His Facebook page remained accessible Wednesday night.

Local media reported that Tam Yi-cheon, Lee’s campaign director and the city’s only representative of China’s highest legislative body, said YouTube’s decision was “totally unreasonable.”

YouTube Removes Hong Kong Leader Candidate Channel | WGN Radio 720

Source link YouTube Removes Hong Kong Leader Candidate Channel | WGN Radio 720

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