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Rotterdam, The Netherlands (AP) — A huge $ 500 million yacht allegedly built for Amazon founder Jeff Bezos faces delivery problems. You may need to dismantle your beloved historic bridge that is blocking the passage of Rotterdam to the sea.

This week, reports that the Dutch city had already agreed to dismantle the recently refurbished Koningshaven Bridge, locally known as De Hef, caused anger. Facebook suggests that locals throw rotten eggs as they pass through the yacht.

However, a spokesman for Mayor Ahmed Abauareb requested the Associated Press on Friday that the shipyard temporarily dismantle the bridge this summer, but permission has not yet been sought and has not been granted. Told.

Many Rotterdam residents are still worried.

“I think it’s easy to understand why it’s so controversial because it’s a very beautiful and recently restored old bridge,” said Rizet Touber. It’s really our legacy. And if the rich can pay to open it, which is usually not possible for anyone else, it is controversial. “

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In a written statement, Abau Alev visiting Colombia, when the permit application is submitted, may have financial implications, environmental nuisances, and potential risks to the “monumental structure” of the bridge. Said that it will be evaluated based on the factors of.

“Once a permit is applied, the municipality can make a decision on this, go into more detail and plan if there is a positive decision,” the statement said.

The municipality refused to comment on the owner of the yacht in question or identify the shipyard. The email sent to Amazon for comment has been unanswered.

The current Hef Railway Bridge was opened in 1927 for trains crossing the Meuse River and became unusable when it was replaced by a tunnel in 1993. Citizens’ protests prevented it from being dismantled, and the final three-year refurbishment ended in 2017. The central part of the bridge can be lifted to allow the ship to pass underneath, but it does not seem to be high enough for the mast of a new yacht.

Ton Wesselink, president of the Rotterdam Historical Society, feared that the decision to allow one yacht to cross the bridge would set a precedent for another yacht.

“What we don’t want is that the problem with this yacht opens up the possibility for shipbuilders to use it as well,” he said in an email to AP.

However, there was support for the proposal.

“I think it’s okay. Let Bezos pay a lot. It creates a job. You can only see it upside down,” he said.

“If it’s paid and everyone makes some money, don’t complain. As in Rotterdam, act without talking,” she added.

A coder reported by The Hague.

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Yachts built for Bezos are reportedly too big for a Dutch bridge | Lifestyle

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