XRHealth launches VR game program to help manage pain

XR Health, a manufacturer of health-focused virtual and augmented reality tools, has launched a new program designed to address pain management as part of a partnership with ehealth company Reducept.

The new program will help train the patient’s brain to manage pain using a VR game designed by Reducept. The gamed experience provides targeted behavioral experiments and techniques for tackling pain based on acceptance and commitment therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

The program runs on XR Health’s VR technology, allowing patients to share results in real time to coordinate treatment. XRHealth’s technology can also capture analysis over time.

Eran Orr, CEO of XR Health, said: Said in a statement.

“Users feel empowered by the newly discovered mental control and its impact on the body.”

Important reason

Chronic pain is a common condition in the United States. About 20% of adults in the United States report chronic pain, and 7.4% of adults report chronic pain. National Health Interview Survey conducted in 2019..

Both companies are marketing this technology as a way to curb the use of painkillers. Prescription painkillers have been overused and scrutinized According to the 2016 CDC, Over 11.5 million Americans over the age of 12 reported misuse of prescription opioids.

Big trend

Earlier this year XR Health Raised $ 9 Million from Discount Tech To expand sales and marketing initiatives in the United States, Australia and Israel.It came just a year after the company closed $ 7 million round..

XRHealth will launch software, telemedicine support, and VR headset We provide remote care.

This isn’t the only VR product that’s trying to help manage pain. AppliedVR When Carna Lab We are also working on products in space.

XRHealth launches VR game program to help manage pain

Source link XRHealth launches VR game program to help manage pain

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