“Xiangqi” Box Office Revenue Set for Record Workers’ Day Weekend – Deadline

Friday noon update: It will always be a record Labor Day weekend, but how high is it exactly?

At this early stage we can tell you that Disney/MarvelDestin Daniel Cretton’s film Legend of Xiangqi and Ten Ring We are aiming for $ 25 million today, including a $ 8.8 million preview last night.It will be the third highest first day after the Covid era Black widow$ 39.5M, and F9$ 29.9M. XiangqiIt costs about $ 60 million for three days and could run in the medium to high range of $ 60 million in four days. This is ready to be 126% higher than the record opener on the previous Labor Day weekend. Halloween From 2007. It could be even higher, but tomorrow morning we have a better idea. This is an industry quote, not Disney.It still looks early: even Xiangqi It’s been in for over 4 days at a high price of $ 50 million, please understand, it’s still a domestic BO record. Overall, even by pre-pandemic standards, it’s an amazing Labor Day weekend and one of the best we’ve seen this year.Exhibitors have a lot to thank here, as Disney has Xiangqi In the 45-day theater day window. The early PostTrak audience exit shows the five-star of the first Asian-American Marvel superhero movie with a fresh audience score of 99% on Rotten Tomatoes.

“Legend of Xiangqi and Tenring”

Social media analytics firm Relish Mix shows social chat with Facebook, Instagram and YouTube views, Twitter reach of 387.2 million, “26% above pre-Covid standards.” Balance and strong virus repost rate of 28: 1.

RelishMix reports: The villain he faces. Fans of Korean boy band Got7 are sewn enthusiastic threads on the soundtrack looking forward to bandmate Mark Tuan (seen at the Hollywood premiere) and Jackson Wang. Jackie Chan states that it also stands out because it is worshiped as a pioneer in this genre. “

Among the social media stars are Awkwafina and her 2.1 million fans, 1.1M Simu Liu, 1.5 million Fala Chen, and 691K Florian’Big Nasty’ Munteanu. In the Mix offers strong engagement from the fan base, including Tuan with 19.1M fans, Parisian DJ Snake with 16.4M fans, music clips, stills and trailer-posting Rich Brian 6.7M. Is a major soundtrack artist.

Golf Cart Trip Posts Around Studio Lot in Awkwafina Xiangqi Instagram handle has been played over 101,000 times:

Spider-Man: No Way Home
“Spider-Man: No Way Home”
Sony pictures

Exhibition industry analytics firm Ent Telligence says early audience occupancy is now Xiangqi 69% of men and 31% of women are leaning. 78% are non-family members, 14% are family groups, and 8% are teenage groups.The studio that followed Xiangqi Impressions per Ent Telligence last night exceeded 600,000. The highest ticket prices for admission were $ 15.30, $ 17.30 and $ 16.03 from LA, NY and SF, respectively.

In the trailer of those photos Xiangqi, There is a recent one from Sony Spider-Man: No Way Home Limited to Legal and CPX, coming soon Venom: Let There Be Carnage Appears in AMC, Cinemark, and numerous legal theaters.Disney also has a brand new version of MCU fans Eternals It will clock in as an attachment in 2 minutes and 58 seconds.And with an unexpected twist, Lionsgate treated the audience with Mamoru Oshii’s 1995 science fiction classic. ghost in the Shell, Released on September 17th, it will be specially remastered for 4K and screened on Imax.Lions Gate too Xiangqi Roland Emmerich’s new trailer for the February 4, 2022 release, Moonfall. I’ve heard Universal is targeting a 37-7 second trailer Halloween kill It encourages fans to experience the movie on the big screen. The spot is currently being staged at Cinemark, Marcus and the National Amusements.

We will notify you as soon as there is an update.

Friday morning update: For pandemics, Disney / Marvel Legend of Xiangqi and Ten Ring I posted a solid preview on Thursday night, especially before the late Labor Day box office. It was $ 8.8 million from the show time that started at 6 pm. On the high side, that number is above the start of Universal Thursday night. F9, It posted $ 7.1 million before slotting $ 29.9 million, the second best first day of the pandemic (previews accounted for 24% of that number) and $ 70 million, the second best weekend. ..

I heard that advance ticket sales are ahead F9 When Quiet Place Part II, So XiangqiThursday makes sense.

The question is how Thursday will be frontloaded for the rest of the weekend. There are great hopes that this movie will become a feasibly owned sleeper for September. The title of Destin Daniel Cretton’s Marvel Cinematic Universe will be released today in 4,300 locations. Worldwide launches are estimated to be between $ 90 million and $ 100 million. The national record Labor Day weekend opening kicked off at $ 30.6 million in four days in 2007. Halloween.

XiangqiThursday Black widow$ 13.2M, 2nd overall in the preview in Covid.Now, note that it returns to the product before anyone goes out to defend the theater date and date model (Scarlett Johansson’s movie hit Disney + Premier on the first day), and Black widow It was a long-awaited Marvel movie that was held throughout the pandemic. Xiangqi A deeper space MCU and a new hero with a big screen. When the topic is clicked, the audience will discover this movie. Black widow The biggest first days of the pandemic and weekend were $ 39.5 million and $ 80.3 million, respectively. Black widowThursday night accounted for 33% of Friday’s opening.

Separately, in a Fandango poll of 1,500 movie fans earlier this week, 90% were looking forward to Simu Liu’s star-making performance as Xiangqi, and 89% were Asian Americans. Excited to see the first MCU movie he led, 88% wanted to see how the movie continued Marvel’s Phase 4 storyline.

Why is Disney programming a movie on Labor Day weekend? It is famous for its sluggish summer box office revenue. In essence, they are the philosophy that Marvel movies can be opened anywhere on the calendar.Warner Bros. Mined Great Wealth in Horror Movies in Post-Labor Day Frames that (September record $ 123.4M), It Chapter 2 ($ 91 million) Nun ($ 53.8 million).They will have James Wan Malignant Next weekend at the theater and its streaming service HBO Max. The challenge there is that they are covering the spoilers of marketing campaign movies.

Many people in the industry try to fail a pandemic if it is lacking or substandard. Xiangqi This weekend.But remember, it’s the weekend of Workers’ Day, by pre-pandemic standards. Xiangqi It’s a hit.With Warner Bros. at this time, next to last year Tenet, We are light years ahead. New York and Los Angeles weren’t open a year ago. Perhaps many in the United States didn’t really know that cinemas were reopening wherever they were. Christopher Nolan’s film earned $ 11.6 million in four days.

“Xiangqi” Box Office Revenue Set for Record Workers’ Day Weekend – Deadline

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