Xbox cloud gaming for the web brings Xbox gaming to PC browsers

If you’ve just given up finding a GPU to build your gaming PC, keep that in mind. I’ve tried Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming on the web and it’s not too bad.

Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming became available in April 2021 on the web as well as in limited beta on both Apple iPhones and iPads. (Xbox cloud access on the latter platform Draconian management of the App Store by Apple.. As of August 9, it’s also available on Windows Insider as part of the Xbox app for Windows 10 PCs. Both allow access to play Xbox games in Microsoft’s cloud.

There are two important ways that Xbox cloud gaming is great. First, you don’t really need a physical Xbox. In particular, you don’t need one of the new Xbox Series S or XPCs, which is difficult, if not impossible to find. Second, you can save time (and in some cases money) because you don’t have to download and install the game. Internet plans are limited by bandwidth or data limits).

xbox cloud gaming main menu Mark Hachman / IDG

The main menu of Xbox cloud gaming.

Previously, there were only two ways to play Xbox cloud games. Android tablet or mobile phone, When On a chromebook.. The latter provided the most PC-like experience with the ability to connect a keyboard to either a tether or a wireless Xbox controller. However, users can access the following locations: Xbox cloud gaming site, Log in and start playing. Alternatively, Microsoft says it will add cloud gaming to its Xbox app if it participates in the Windows Insider program. You need to register for Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. You have to wait for the Xbox app to update, but cloud gaming via the browser is ready to go.

How well Xbox cloud gaming works on the web

I have tried Xbox cloud gaming through a browser and the interface of the Xbox app should provide about the same performance. However, at this time, the updated Xbox app is only available on Windows 10. The difference should be in the user interface: Microsoft To tell “New features to help you get started, including accessible information about controller and network status, social features to stay connected with friends, and the ability to invite people, including those playing in the cloud without games. Added. Installed-Join the game. ”

Microsoft’s cloud gaming differs from other products, remote play, in that it’s basically played on a remote Xbox (reportedly the Xbox Series S) somewhere in Microsoft’s cloud.This is important given that Microsoft also offers Game pass for PC subscription.. The difference is that Xbox cloud gaming provides games formatted for Xbox running on the cloud. Microsoft does not yet offer the option to run PC-style games on remote servers.Games too far Many games don’t use fonts large enough to be easily played on the phone, making it easy to play and navigate on large PC monitors and laptop displays.

xbox cloud gaming forzahorizon4 retry Mark Hachman / IDG

Microsoft recommends that beta testers use their own Surface hardware while playing the beta version of the Xbox cloud game, but it didn’t really have to be.It ran well on HP Envy 14— For fairness, this includes a discrete GPU. The service, on the other hand, runs everything in the cloud, so it didn’t require a discrete GPU. I connected my old Xbox One controller via Bluetooth and started launching the game.

Microsoft has launched the Xbox cloud experience from the menu of available games, noting that many are actually touch-enabled. (Even with a touch-enabled laptop, that side doesn’t seem to work.) Click one to get to the launch screen where Microsoft sets up the game. Some actions require you to click the mouse, while others require you to use the controller. You will get the hang of it. With my PC and broadband connection (about 200 megabits downstream of my home, during the day when remote school was taking place), it took about 5-7 seconds to set up the game in the cloud.

Xbox cloud gaming for the web brings Xbox gaming to PC browsers

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