Worst Time to Drive in Chicago Area, “Worst Corridor” Revealed – NBC Chicago

As coronavirus restrictions have been relaxed across the United States, Illinois toll road officials estimate that millions of travelers will use the toll road system on Memorial Day weekends. ..

More than 7 million vehicles are expected to hit the road between Thursday and Monday, significantly more than what was seen during the coronavirus pandemic last summer, according to an email from the Illinois toll road. It exceeds.

Despite restrictions on construction by Illinois toll roads and IDOT, industry groups are giving drivers tips before going out on the road this weekend.

According to AAAThe worst time drivers in the Chicago area drive is between 2:45 pm and 4:45 pm on Thursday before the Memorial Day holidays. According to data released by AAA this week, regular afternoon rush hour traffic, coupled with an increase in the number of travelers hitting the road, can lead to serious traffic congestion throughout the region.

Drivers are particularly urged to “avoid evening commute and plan another route” when planning travel arrangements.

AAA also provided a regional road rating, stating that Interstate 290 West between Morgan Street and Wolfrod was the “worst corridor” to use on holiday weekends.

Overall, AAA predicts that 34.4 million Americans will travel by car on Memorial Day weekends. This is an increase of more than 52% compared to 2020.

Construction activities are restricted on toll roads in many areas to alleviate traffic congestion on holiday weekends, but some work areas are still on the road, especially on Interstate 294 and Interstate 88. It can affect you. Avenue and 55th Between streets and plainfield roads and 95th Street. Traffic to the south on Interstate 57 will also be reduced from four lanes to three lanes due to construction work, officials said.

On the Ronald Reagan Memorial Toll Road, traffic travels in both directions between the EJ & E Railway and Illinois National Highway 59.

Worst Time to Drive in Chicago Area, “Worst Corridor” Revealed – NBC Chicago

Source link Worst Time to Drive in Chicago Area, “Worst Corridor” Revealed – NBC Chicago

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