“Worker shortage” has not reached most central Illinois unions | Local

BLOOMINGTON — Michael Irvin was steadily adding some events to his dry erase board this summer, but recently he had to start erasing more and more.

Irvin is a business agent of the International Alliance of Theater and Stage Employees. Local 193, Central Illinois provides effort to set up and disassemble the stage at concerts, theater shows, conferences and other stage events throughout Central Illinois.

There may be Lots of jobs In industries such as Retail and hospitalityMost of the union’s work remained stable, as some companies began to offer their own incentives to get back to work. But Irvin’s industry is one of the weirdest.

He said Delta variant COVID-19 members were in his union, just as the virus closed a large concert-like rally for over a year, and after a long pause throughout the pandemic, it began to supply labor again. I spent money on the activity.

“No other union has been affected by this pandemic as much as we do,” Irvine said. “We were the first to shut down and the last to return to work. As far as I know, almost all unions are already back in action.”

This is the case for Ron Paul, a Bloomington-based business manager for Workers Local 362 in the United Nations Workers’ United Nations in the Midwestern North America.

Paul said their trade workers have been working since the pandemic began. In fact, they have recently added members, with about 50 new workers in the last two years, up from the usual 5 to 10 during that period, he said.

Paul characterized the present as a “construction boom.” Electric car startup Rivian credit As a “big reason” for more work.

“It’s a good time now because I have a lot of work to do,” Paul said. “We are not accepting men and letting them wait three or six weeks before finding a job. We are currently sending men to work before getting the list. I have a job waiting for you. “

Josh Sap, chairman of the Decatur Building, Construction and Trade Council, who is also the business manager of Decatur-based IBEW Local146, said Paul about “quite fierce competition” for travel-level craftsmen such as plumbers and wiremen. I repeated it.

“That skill level job is pretty good across Illinois,” Sapp said. “Usually when I’m late, I borrow from each other’s area to help with the work, but for now the work is good enough that that type of work is surplus.”

Private sector unions are experiencing a construction boom, but Adam Heenan, vice president of Bloomington Normal Trade and Labor Assembly, said increased labor is not uniform. Some employers will not continue to hire union jobs, he said.

Some cases where union members were not hired led to information pickets in several places in Bloomington Normal.

According to Heenan, Operative Plasterers and Cement Masons’ International Association Local 18 picketed a construction site near Dollar Tree and Hy-Vee on the Veterans Parkway in Bloomington.

Other pickets IATSE Local 193 Stage Worker Before two summer concerts in Corncrib. The information picket was intended to open a dialogue about contracts with leaders at Corncrib, Castle Theater and NTL Productions.

Using untrained workers to set up and disassemble the stage risks “from the truck to the entire setup,” Irvin said.

Union leaders say the United States is not facing a labor shortage, wages are not keeping up with inflation, and some employers are not providing adequate benefits and security measures. I agreed.

According to Sapp, the Decatur union is seeing an increase in non-union workers interested in joining the union throughout the pandemic. He said the driving force behind this was that union work was likely to have health insurance and more workplace safety rules.

Henan further said: I’m happy to work when I can’t afford to put food on the table or on the roof above my head for my family. “

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“Worker shortage” has not reached most central Illinois unions | Local

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