With the growth of the smart TV market, Android TV has achieved a “significant increase”

Google has had a renewed interest in the television market over the past year or two, and their efforts seem to be rewarding. The new report forecasts smart TV growth over the next few years and shows that Android TV has made “strong profits.”

Report published by Strategic analysis (via FlatPanelsHD) Predict the reach of TVs sold in smart operating systems over the next few years. By 2026, more than 50% of households will report Globally I have at least one smart TV in my house. North America has already exceeded that milestone and is expected to exceed 90% by 2026.

Helping to reach that goal is the pace at which smart TVs are sold worldwide. By 2020, smart TVs accounted for nearly 80% of all “flat panel TVs” sold. In particular, these numbers are for TV only, not for streaming devices such as Nvidia Shield, Chromecast, and similar devices.

Currently, Samsung is in control of this market, with Samsung’s Tizen operating system being the primary platform. However, the report specifically points out that Roku and Google’s Android TV are making “significant profits” in the “recently” market. Google finally reported that Android TV has grown 80% in the US And over 80 million active devices.

According to analyst reports, this growth is mainly due to the fact that such platforms bear much of the development and maintenance costs of TV manufacturers.Senior Analyst Strategic analysis explanation:

As Smart features are no longer the point of differentiation, but they are the need for checkboxes. Smart TV makers had to choose between maintaining their own software and application ecosystem or licensing their software platform from a third-party partner. Many have decided to partner with Google’s Android TV, Roku, etc. to avoid the ongoing cost of maintaining their own platform, but some brands such as Samsung, Vizio, LG alone We are doing that and are trying to take advantage of the fast-growing Connected. TV advertising business.

Talking to TCL recently, the company said 9to5Google Focusing on the Roku and Google TV / Android TV ecosystems, it shows how easy it is to bring new apps and services to your company’s TV. TCL is just Google TV lineup early today..

Android TV Details:

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With the growth of the smart TV market, Android TV has achieved a “significant increase”

Source link With the growth of the smart TV market, Android TV has achieved a “significant increase”

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